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Swears out warrant and charges assault

• Oct 3, 2019 at 8:00 PM

The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector-Herald on Oct, 3, 1921:


Swears out warrant and charges assault

A warrant has been sworn out against Police Chief F.R. Remington on the charge of assault.

Captain E.J. Murphy of the Salvation Army and a special Norwalk police officer, is the prosecuting witness.

The warrant was sworn out in Mayor Miles’ court. Charges are that Remington, after ordering Murphy from the police station, seized him by the arm and shook him violently.
The affair, it is stated, is the outcome of a controversy over the granting of lodging to tramps at the police station.

One night last week, two tramps applied for lodging at the Salvation Army barracks. Not being able to accommodate the men, Murphy took them to the police station. Remington, it is asserted informed Murphy that he did not desire to have tramps sleep in the station.
Murphy, upon being rebuffed, went to Mayor Miles. The latter, so Murphy says, instructed him to let the tramps sleep at the station.

Last Thursday the two quarreled over the tramp question. The chief, it is stated, told Murphy he was weary of being interfered with and ordered the special officer out of the station. When Murphy refused to go, the alleged assault resulted.


Two towns are seeing things

A man on a white horse and wearing some sort of a white sheet or draped uniform, created a heap of interest at Monroeville Saturday night and again Sunday night. He was masked. Whether it is some practical joker or whether it is an advance guard of the Ku Klux Klan is being widely speculated.

It is reported that a man in similar garb and on a white horse was also seen on the streets at Milan both Saturday and Sunday nights.


Granddad of all pears is this one

C.E. Burr, well-known Hartland farmer, brought to town Saturday the regular old grandfather of all pears. It is of the Dutchess variety and weighs 1 lb., 5 oz; it measures around one way 14 inches and 12 1/2 the other. It is the largest pear shown in Norwalk in many moons.


Three Norwalk men play on Denison football team

Three Norwalk athletes played on the Denison University football team in the Butler game last Saturday. They are Harold Wildman, Robert Henderson and Harold Jefferson. All three played in good form, according to reports of the contest.


St. Paul’s school to be finished soon

The handsome new St. Paul’s High School on E. Main St., is rapidly nearing completion. Practically all the work save installing the furniture has been finished. The building is a splendid one. It is excellently constructed, the material is exceptionally fine and the arrangement of the various departments could hardly be improved upon. Formal dedicatory service will becarried out, commemorating the opening of the building, it is stated.


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