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Went to Springfield

• Oct 1, 2019 at 8:00 PM

The top stories in The Daily Reflector on Oct. 1, 1901:


Went to Springfield

Among those who went to Springfield yesterday on the I.O.O.F. excursion were William Gross Jr., Val Wingerter, W.M. Francis and daughter Mabel, Mr. and Mrs. L.E. Doane, James Stafford, William Fox, John Jackson, Willard Parker and John Westberg, of Norwalk, and A.J. Carpenter and son Alvin and Frank Parker of Fairfield.

While at Springfield the party met Charles Reeps, formerly of Norwalk, who is to be superintendent of a new piano factory, which is soon to commence business at Springfield in a building 1,050 feet long and four stories high.


A thing of beauty

The large stone urn in the yard at Dr. Seeley’s residence presents a beautiful appearance these days with its profusion of pink begonias. The plants are heavily loaded with blossoms, which, combined with the large red-veined green leaves, makes the whole collection a flora beauty.



A close call

But for the watchfulness of policeman Cooper, early Sunday morning, the Whittlesey block would have been the scene of a disastrous fire.

About one o’clock that morning, he noticed a slight fire in Harter’s drug store window and hastening to Mr. Harter’s residence after a key to the store, he succeeded in putting out the fire before any serious damage was done.

It was supposed that the coming in contact with each other of a trolley wire and an electric light wire caused the fire which extended to some mosquito netting about the light chandelier.



Henry Snable, of this city, has been adjudged insurance by Judge Jones


V.W. Robinson has been appointed administrator of the estate of Horace Robinson, late of Norwich.


Samuel E. Fackler and Miss Mary Berry of Greenwich were married in this city Saturday evening by Justice Van Sciver.


Frank Deitsch, of the A.B. Chase factory, had the misfortune Saturday to lose an envelope containing his week’s wages, before he reached home.


It was Eli Thomas whose death was announced in Saturday’s Reflector and not Levi Thomas. The latter is still living with his daughter, Mrs. Lee, at New London.



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