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A grand meeting

• Sep 6, 2019 at 8:00 PM

The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector on Sept. 6, 1887:


Auspicious opening of Gardiner’s Music Hall

Long before three o’clock Sunday afternoon, Gardiner’s beautiful Music Hall was crowded to its utmost capacity and hundreds turned away disappointed at not being able to obtain entrance.  A vast audience of fully one thousand filled every one of the comfortable chairs and crowded the stage, many of them having come miles from all the surrounding townships to participate in this interesting service.

The Rev. S.W. Kickinson of the Congregational Church, opened the meeting with prayer, and the Rev. H.W. Jones of the Baptist Church read from the scriptures. The splendid singing by the large choir, the cabinet organ being accompanied by the full orchestra, was very effective.

After prayer by the Rev. J.M. Syemour of the Presbyterian Church, the Rev. Dr. T.F. Hildreth of the M.E. Church, read and expounded several passages, and selecting one verse -— “No man liveth unto himself and no man dieth unto himself,” — as the basis of his remarks, he proceeded to deliver one of the most eloquent and touching sermons ever heard in Norwalk.

It was a grand occasion, a grand hall, a grand audience and a grand sermon. Mr. Gardiner occupied a seat on the stage and at the conclusion he rose and warmly grasped the Doctor’s hand congratulating him on his sermon.


“Up in a balloon boys”

Prof. Harry Gilbert, America’s Greatest Aeronaut, will certainly be present in person every day of the Huron County Fair, and will send up the largest balloon in America, in captive ascensions every day during the fair. The balloon will carry four persons easily and an opportunity will be given to everybody to “go up in a balloon.”

The captive ascensions will be one of the pleasing features of the coming Fair and no doubt hundreds of people will avail themselves the privilege of going “up in a balloon” for once in their lives, when they can be assured of a speedy and safe return to Terra Firma again.

On Friday, September 16th, Prof. Gilbert’s daughter will make a cutaway ascension, going up “among the little stars,” and landing — where she happens to come down — nobody knows where.


A comical treat

A professional troupe of uniformed Sancho Panzas and Comic Artists, from the famous Zoological gardens of Cincinnati, have been secured at great expense to be present every day of the coming Huron County Fair and give daily exhibitions of comicalities, grotesque appearances, humorous parades, comical races, laughable trials of speed and ridiculous performances of all sorts for the amusement and entertainment of the patrons of the Fair.

The Huron County Fair will be no “old chestnut”  this year but will be chuck full of “juice” and enjoyment from beginning until ending.


Mrs. Daisy Barnes

On Lord’s Day morning, Aug. 28th, as our citizens were assembling for public worship, there passed into the life beyond a beautiful soul. Mrs. Daisy Barnes, the young wife of Mr. Eugene P. Barnes, after long months of painful suffering, borne with exceptional patience, entered into rest.

Though but twenty summers had passed over her had, she had by her winning ways and lovely disposition, secured for herself a warm place in the hearts of many friends. 

In large numbers these friends gathered on Tuesday afternoon at the funeral service, that by their presence they might testify to their sense of personal loss as well as their sympathy for the bereaved husband and mother and other kin.
The services were conducted by her pastor, Rev. Henry W. Jones, assisted by Rev. Dr. T.F. Hilldreth. With a strong love of life, Mrs. Barnes united a sweet submission to the divine will, which robbed death of all terrors. And so “we sorrow not as those who have no hope.”



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