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Pickpockets reported in downtown

• Sep 4, 2019 at 8:00 PM


The top stories in the Reflector-Herald on Sept. 4, 1960:


Pickpockets reported in downtown

Three shoppers in the downtown area last evening were victims of a  pair of male pickpockets, the first to operate in the city in many years.

All three victims reported to police that their losses were noted either after they were jostled by the pair or after they had been standing close by while examining merchandise.

The culprits were described as young men, with one wearing a white T-shirt and the other tan cotton wash trousers. All the thefts occurred at the Woolworth’s store with two at the jewelry counter.

The victims were Mrs. Harold Chandler, rural New London; Mrs. Robert Taylor, 14 Ford; and Ivalynn H. Brewster, Harmon Road, Berlin Heights.


What a whopper!

(Photo caption) Bobbie Pfeiffer, 4, and his brother, Chuck, 2, are confident that if they can only solve the transportation problem, this head of cabbage from the garden of their grandfather, Edward Pfeiffer, 39 Chatham St., would be a sure prize-winner at the Huron County Fair. It doesn’t look as though their tricycle will be much help. More than a foot in diameter and weighing nearly eleven pounds, the huge head represents a lot of sauerkraut. The youngsters are the children of Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Pfeiffer, Laylin Road.


Midshipman returns

Midshipman John Komarek has returned for a few days with his parents after a training cruise aboard the escort destroyer, USS Lloyd Thomas, which took him to many of the romantic European ports. His itinerary: Cannes, France, for five days, then into Italian cities LaSpezia, Florence, Genoa, Pisa, Naples, Rome where he was honored with an audience with the Pope, and Capri.

Miss Paola Corno Bi Genero aided him in his sightseeing tours in Rome. The young lady was a foreign exchange student in this country in 1959 and spent a weekend in Vermilion with friends, at which time she was introduced to Midshipman Komarek.

The last leg of the cruise was from Gibraltar to Norfolk, Va.

The midshipman will leave Tuesday evening to begin his school year at the United States Naval Academy.


Twelve Tops elect Roster

The Twelve Tops Club played pinochle Thursday evening at the home of Mrs. Siegel in Milan with the top prizes going to Mrs. Lynn Boyle and Mrs. Kenneth Bell.

The guest of the evening was Mrs. Eileen Schaffer. Mrs. Sam Giallombardo was presented with a birthday gift from the club members and Mrs. Siegel received a gift in anticipation of her blessed event.

A new roster of officers was elected for the coming season. They included Mrs.Warren Mills, as president; Mrs. Giallombardo as treasurer; and Mrs. Boyle as reporter.



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