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Be cautious

• Aug 28, 2019 at 8:00 PM

The top stories in the Norwalk Evening Herald on Aug. 28, 1902:


Norwalkians should avoid pleasure trips to center of cantagion

Traveling men form Cleveland say that the smallpox situation in that city is really alarming.

In view of this situation and our past experience, it would be the height of wisdom for Norwalk people to avoid going to Cleveland except on pressing business.

While a quarantine against the stricken city is not advocated, it is certainly unwise to run any unnecessary chances of incurring the disease by a pleasure trip to the city.
The cheap excursion will undoubtedly be tempting, but they will keep, and there will be plenty of opportunities to go to Cleveland later on when health conditions are move better and presence.


A citizen of Milan was in Norwalk yesterday and wanted to know if we knew of any new “cuss words” that could be used in expressing disgust over the manner in which MIlan had handled  their quarantine, saying that old “cuss” words are entirely inadequate.


Don’t pay two prices

W.J. Hollis, 106 Whittlesey Avenue, will clean your 24-hour clocks for 50c.; eight-day for 75c.; springs, 50c. to 75c.; and all other work just as cheap in proportion; all work warranted. He will sell you a good pair of specs, steal and nickel frames for 25c. to 50c., warranted first class. Call and see him, he can save you some money. He has in stock a full assortment of all kinds of watches and jewelry to select from.


A partial list of the new telephones, recently installed by The Local Telephone Co.

332, Mrs. A.J. Brown residence; 213, B.A. Blume residence; 263 A.M. Beattie office; 277, W.S. Cookson residence; 260, W.T. Collins residence; 339, Fred Close residence; 303, Commercial Hotel; 322, Citizens’ Bank; 317, City Hospital; 172, Fred Cole residence; 334, A.D. Day residence; 333, Follwell & Whipple Gro.; 286, W.H. Gibbs residence; 338, Jay Harkness residence; 45, Fred Hartline residence; 290, W.W. Hunt residence; 298, W.W. Hunt office; 289, F.H. Jones residence; 234 R. King residence; 302, Ford H. Laning residence; 300, W. Laughlin residence; 314, J.O. Lemieu residence; 304, Otto Mueller residence; 287, Dr. Mills residence; 286, Harry Marsh residence; 256, Norwalk Piano Co.; 324, Pebbles & Curtiss; 312, Mrs. Jay Patrick, residence; 301, Post Office; 348, Seneca Ronk office; 20 G.W. Savage residence; 274, Geo. Simmons residence; 282, Chas. Suhr office; 343, A.E. Yeager, residence.


Norwalk has no use for the itinerant merchant

The tramp peddler salesman is here today and gone tomorrow. The lesson of his devious ways should admonish everybody to buy of the home merchant, who invites your patronage through the local papers, and stands ready at all times to make right anything that does not prove as represented. He owns his business, pays taxes and helps build up the town. He is entitled to your patronage and ought to have it. The same thing is true relative to the mail order concerns.

Norwalk’s late experience with tramp peddlers has indeed been severe. Thousands of dollars of trade has been lost to our merchants; loved ones have been take from us, and others made to suffer untold agonies. Yes, by all means, invited the peddler, courteously but firmly, to move on.


Killed a chicken thief

A chicken thief that has been raiding hen roosts in the vicinity of Christie Avenue came to grief this morning. The thief was nothing less than a large hawk, measuring 52 inches from tip to tip. The bird was killed by Harry Smith with a 22 caliber rifle with one shot.



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