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Noggle remodels his hostelry on East Main Street

• Aug 26, 2019 at 8:00 PM

The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector-Herald on Aug. 26, 1925:


Noggle remodels his hostelry on East Main Street

J.W. Noggle, proprietor of the Hotel Wheaton, has remodeled the establishment to a marked extent and has changed the name to The Noggle Hotel. There are 23 rooms. Running water service is furnished in every room and quite a number are provided with baths. Suites of two or three rooms may be engaged for parties. A large electric sign, bearing the new name of the hostelry is being made. Mr. Noggle was proprietor of the hotel, a number of years ago.


Helen Stein files divorce petition

Helen Stein, 19, through her father, A. Brutsche, commenced suit for divorce this morning through her attorneys, Young and Young, against Carl Stein, to whom she was married at Monroe, Mich., on Dec. 1, 1923. There is a child, born on Nov. 1, 1924. Mrs. Stein alleges that her husband has been guilty of cruelty and assault. The husband is an automobile mechanic.


Presents valuable curios to museum

Ransome Collier, former resident of the county who left here yesterday with his wife for his home in Orlando, Fla., after a visit in Norwalk and vicinity, has turned a number of valuable curios over to the Firelands Museum. These include a section of the original Atlantic cable and a section of the second cable; steins used in Germany, and a cane made by Edward H. Curtis, who died at North Fairfield in 1910 at the age of 94. The cane is made of an iron rod covered with circular sections of sole leather, the head being of fine walnut and maple mosaic work.


Carries steel in wound six years

Six years ago, while Louis Strimpfle, a young Norwalk man, was cutting wood, a piece of steel about the size of a grain of whet flew from a wedge and entered his hand. The steel was removed this week.


Coupland wins 4 up over Cox in semi-finals in local golf tourney

Playing remarkable golf, even for the canny Scot himself, Jim Coupland defeated Jack Cox in the semi-finals at the Norwalk Country Club yesterday afternoon 4 up and 3 to go, and a medal score of 79 to 84.

Coupland won yesterday because he played the better golf, though it was a pretty fight from start to finish. Cox won the second, 10th and 12th holes, and had to get a birdie in the first two to get them. Coupland won the 3rd, 5th, 8th, 11th, 14th and 15th, clinching the match.

They halved Nos. 1, 4, 6, 7, 9 and 18. Coupland’s long driving and uncanny approaches are what won, though Cox was marvelous on the greens, making two or three 20-foot putts that pulled him out of many a close hold. Twice Cox drove out of bounds, once on a drive on No. 8, and next on a brassie on No. 17.

The breaks were with Coupland, as for instance when he crossed the creek on his second shot, a long iron, on 16, the ball striking the water and bounding up and hanging on the edge of the far bank, permitting a nice four in par. But he played a steady, precise and consistent game, meriting his victory.


New putting green will permit playing at night

Major Wilson is having a nine-hole putting green prepared at the rear of the club house at the Country Club, formerly the abiding place of the swamp and cat-tails. The place has been drained, leveled, plowed and harrowed, and this fall will be fertilized and sown with grass, and be ready next spring. An arc electric light in the center will permit night playing there, and wives, who now feel injured when hubby comes home late to supper, will also know where to find him after dark.


Gerald Parratt, cage star, will enter Ohio University

Gerald Parratt, star basketball player of North Fairfield High School, will enter Ohio University at Athens next month. He will prove a very promising candidate for a forward position. Parratt performed his most brilliant work here a year ago last winter, when he made 13 field goals against the strong, close guarding Norwalk St. Paul outfit.


Girl golfer makes course in 46

Miss Elizabeth Link, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F.P. Link, has broken the course record at the Norwalk Country Club for women golfers.

She has made the 9-hole course in 46, a record not attained by many men players. She is not only a consistent player, but a very graceful one, playing in perfect form and rare accuracy.



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