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Sixty leave Norwalk for C.C.C. camps

• Aug 20, 2019 at 8:00 PM

The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector-Herald on Aug. 20, 1935:


Sixty leave Norwalk for C.C.C. camps

Sixty Huron County young men left the county relief headquarters here this morning for Mansfield where they will be assigned to duty in various CCC departments. This is the seventh enrollment for CCC Work.

The list follows:

Car Blizzard, Norwalk; Don Booth, Collins; Maurice Bowman, New London; Raymond Bowman, New London; James Brooks, Willard; Paul Burkhalter, Willard.

Mathews Clause, Havana; Chas. Conklin, Greenwich, Richard Conry, Collins, James Coombs, New London.

Wayne Dermer, Willard; Eloise Elleston, New London; Edward Finney, New London; Robert Flew, Wakeman; Chester Gilbert, Olena; Charles Golliver, Norwalk; Charles Griffier, Wakeman.

Merle Henry, Willard; Allen Heston, Norwalk; John Heston, New London; Stewart Hunter, New London; Leonard Huston, New London; Curwin Johnson, Willard; Clyde Kemp, Wakeman; Robert Knapp, New London; William Leydorf, Willard; Luambo Lichoff, Willard; Elmer McCullough, Greenwich; Woodrow McEndtee, Willard; Gordon McIntyre, Norwalk; Ralph Merrill, Clarksfield; Cecil Moore, Fitchville; Ray Myers, Norwalk.

Roy Nead, New London; Fred Oney, Greenwich; John Page, Norwalk; Gomer Patrick, Willard; Arthur Pool, New London; Sam Provenzale, Bellevue; Marshall Reshetar, Hartland; Arvile Rissner, Willard; Stanley Ryman, Willard; Robert Sanders, Norwalk; Chas. Searl, New London; Ralph Searl, New London; Everitt Sexton, Greenwich.

Charles Sidoti, Bellevue; Louis Smith, New London; Frank Stratso, Bellevue; Dominic Suriano, Bellevue; Harold Timbs, Wakeman; Kenneth Van Buren, Willard; John Vesterman, Willard; Kenneth Walton, Wakeman; Robert Washburn, Greenwich; Gerard Weaver, Willard; Carl Wilhelm, Monroeville; and Carl Wilson, Hartland.


LeRoy Bedell killed in traffic crash

LeRoy Bedell of Norwalk, State Highway Patrolman, was fatally hurt in a traffic accident seven miles east of Bellevue on Route 59 this afternoon about 4 o’clock. 

He died in Bellevue hospital.

Bedell was riding a motorcyle. Details of the accident had not been recorded at the Highway Patrol office at Bellevue at the time the news of the fatality was received.


Whitney Field House project gets approval

It is announced that the field house project at Whitney Field, a government undertaking, has received the official O.K. at Washington and that work on the structure will be started soon. The cost will be about $7,000.

The house will add vastly to the convenience and service of those who use the field. It will provide shelter in the case of rain and will be particularly valuable in football seasons to shelter the players during the halves and to enable them to change football togs if necessary.

Whitney Field has been developed into an outstanding athletic field. It has two football fields, baseball diamond, tennis courts, a quarter mile cinder track and a swimming pool.


Lamphier’s only hope is with Davey

Ethol B. Lamphier, awaiting execution in death row at the Columbus pen on the charge of slaying Mrs. Katherine Wilde of Norwalk, has permitted the 30 days to elapse in which he could have filed exceptions as a preliminary step to carry the case to the court of appeals.

His only hope now is a reprieve from Gov. Davey.



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