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Says hearing was restored

• Aug 17, 2019 at 8:00 PM


The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector-Herald on Aug. 17, 1913:


Remarkable cure said to have been effected in local church

From the roundabout way of Milan comes the story of a remarkable cure effected in old St. Peter’s Catholic Church near the city limits on West Main Street, rivaling the remarkable cures effected at the shrine of My Lady of the Consolation at Carey, O.

The story is being told by relatives of Mrs. J.H. Kellar, who lives one mile north of Milan, is the report that comes out of Milan today. It is claimed that Mrs. Kellar’s hearing was entirely restored on Friday of last week on a visit to the old church in this city. Kellar had made many pilgrimages to Carey in the hopes of having her impaired hearing restored. Although she is well past seventy, she has never given up hope of being cured.

On August 15, in the company with a friend, she journeyed to St. Peter’s Church, one of the first Catholic churches to be established in this part of the country. While this house of worship passed out of use some twenty years ago, it is still preserved and pilgrimages are made to it on special days. Contributions are made at the altar and prayer is offered up.

This was the program carried out by Mrs. Kellar. Returning to her home in the evening, she was surprised to find that she could hear much better. Nothing was said at the time, fear being entertained that it might be just a passing relief and would go away. As days went by and the cure showed no signs of failing, friends were told of the wonderful cure.


Local horses will start

Three Huron County horses, two from this city and one from Monroeville, are entered in the Wellington races for Thursday of this week. Sheriff Trimner’s pace mare, Maud Edwards, is entered in the 22 class, and Ora Ferguson’s trotter, Bayard Tell, is entered in the 30 class. Moa, owned by Fred Yingling of Monroeville, is also entered in the 30 trot.


Took dinner at Winnow’s Point

Mr. and Mrs. John Gardiner Jr. of West Main Street were hosts to a number of friends at a dinner party Sunday evening given at the club house at Winnow’s Point, near Castalia. They made the trip in automobiles.

In the party were Mr. and Mrs. I.W. Goodell, Mr. and Mrs. W.G. Gilger, Mr. and Mrs. C.V. Shepherd, Mr. and Mrs. C.W. Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. John J. Gardiner of Toledo, Mrs. Amos Gardiner Sr. and Mrs. John Coghlin and niece, Miss Coghlin, of Toledo, and Mr. and Mrs. John Gardiner Jr.


Reflector-Herald’s daily fashion hint

The clever woman gives distinction to her own and her children’s clothes by a carefully chosen and cleverly disposed note of contrast.


Serenade was too Bacchanalian

There was a serenade out on West Main Street last midnight that was wholly unappreciated by a large percentage of the sleepy population.

It was shortly past midnight when a squad of musically inclined inebriates camped at the corner of West Main Street. They proceeded to “sing.” They selected old favorites such as “The Old Oaken Bucket” and when some of the choir forgot the words, they were soundly berated by the choir-master who would stop the harmonies long enough to administer a severe and verbose rebuke. The wavering tenor reminded one of the uncertainty of a house of cards, while the basso profundo certainly must have dug a hole in the turf with his shoe.

Upstairs windows were raised and the neighborhood expostulated in vain. Finally an agreement was made that if they must sing, they would sing softly. And sing softly they did — just like the soughing wind rasping a tin roof.

The singing continued till the singers either fell asleep or “came to” and trudged their various ways for home.



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