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Mate at cemetery: Witness

• Aug 13, 2019 at 8:00 PM

The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector on Aug. 13 1975:


Mate at cemetery: Witness

A friend of Alice White Wamack this morning testified James Wamack told her that he and his wife were in “the cemetery” on the night Mrs. Wamack was killed.

Mildred Ballard, a gray-haired, well — dressed matron from Columbus, said that James Wamack telephoned her about 1 a.m. on April 7, 1973, to inform her of his wife’s death. Mrs. Wamack’s body was discovered in her car at the rear of Greenwood Cemetery at about 8:20 p.m. on April 6, 1973.

Mrs. Ballard, who described herself as “a close friend”  of Mrs. Wamack, said Wamack had called to tell her Alice was “gone.”  “I knew they were having trouble so I asked him what he meant. I thought maybe she had taken off,” testified Mrs. Ballard.

“He said, ‘she’s dead. She has been shot.’”

Mrs. Ballard said that Wamack then told her about last seeing his wife. “He said they had supper and then went by the cemetery — he in his car and she in her’s — where they sat in her car and talked. He said then he went to Nrowalk and they had trouble finding him because he was out in his cab on call.”

Larry Robinson is on trial for the murder of Mrs. Wamack, whose body was found in her car at the Greenwood Cemetery. This is Robinson’s second trial for the murder, his original August 1973 conviction being set aside and a new trial ordered on appeal.


Royal smooch

(Photo caption) Steve Gray and Linda Walcher, crowned Huron County Junior Fair King and Queen Tuesday night, congratulate each other with a kiss. Steve, 17, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bob Gray, New London, will be a senior at New London High School and plans on a farming career after graduation. Linda, a 1975 graduate of South Central High School, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Walcher, North Fairfield.


Children challenge Bollenbacher will

The adopted children of the late Olive Edna Bollenbacher have filed a suit claiming Mrs. Bollenbacher’s last will, which excluded them from an inheritance, is false.

Named in the suit are Lyle R. Fisher — a friend and neighbor of Mrs. Bollenbbacher who often cared for her — and four other persons she named in her will.

Mrs. Bollenbacher, who died last February, lived in a small house at the corner of Old State and Gallup Roads. Despite living in near poverty, she made frequent donations to churches and charities...

...In the will, Mrs. Bollenbacher said “I bequeath nothing” to her step-son James, claiming she had loaned him $2,500 and given him war bonds when he was in the military service during World War II.

I do bequeath him my prayers that he may have the courage to right the wrong he has done after years of being an exemplary father and husband,” she said. Jones lives in Aurora.

Mrs. Bollenbacher said she bequeathed “my love and appreciation” to her stepdaughter, Mrs. Matthews, and said she and her children were being “well supported” by her second husband. She forgave her stepdaughter for marrying a second time. Mrs. Matthews lives in Columbus.


Junior stars

(Photo caption) The Lefty Grove Junior Divison All-Star Team, which will play in the McCoskey Games Sunday at VFW Park, includes Sean Schaffer, Allyn Schnellinger, John Cole, Rick Perry. Scott Smith, Dave Rhoad, Ron Charity, Bryan Camp, Dan Traczek, Dale Houghtlen, Aaron Kirk, Bill Warner, Marty Roth, Shane Loudy, Brian Missler, Coach Bob Lieber, Coach Joe Duncan, Coach Ron Charity, Carl Hinckley, Joe Statzer, Tim Duncan, Michael Stewart and manager Dave Hinckley.



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