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Blast from the Past

• Jul 17, 2019 at 8:00 PM

The top stories in the Norwalk Reflector-Herald on July 17, 1918:


New London woman places third son on country’s altar

A little, gray-haired woman walked into the navy recruiting office in the federal building Monday, accompanied by her youngest son, says the Cleveland News. The boy, only eighteen, was as strongly built as a man of more mature news.

“Roy’s come to enlist,” said the mother, Mrs. George Brome, sixty, New London, O. “He’s my last boy, but he’s eighteen now and he’s going to fight for Uncle Sam.”

The young man was examined and accepted. When recruiting officers sought to compliment the little woman on her spirit of patriotic sacrifice, she replied that she  was making no sacrifice at all, even though her other two sons are all fighting in France.

“It is they — my sons, who make the sacrifice,” she protested, bravely seeking to keep back the tears.


False rumors spread about soldiers

False rumors are spread regarding Huron County soldiers.

Relatives of soldiers in Norwalk and Huron County are being irritated by ill founded reports circulated regarding the men fighting in France. Hardly a day goes by that does not bring rumors to the effect that certain soldiers have been killed or wounded. IN almost every case, it has been found that the reports are false. It is believed that most of these rumors are concocted, not by pro Germans, but by irresponsible people who do not realize the gravity of their offense. A number of young people in Monroeville are said to have started a batch of these rumors a few days ago. The relatives of the soldiers involve din the reports have received no official word from the government and it is practically certain that the rumors are without foundation.


Leper patient is said to be improved

Norwalk’s leper charge, Edward Newsbaumer, now a member of a big leper colony on one of the Philippine Islands, is reported to be recovering.

It is also said that Newsbaumer is serving as engineer of the ice plant on the island.

It will be remembered that about four years ago, a sensation arose when it developed that Newsbaumer was found to be suffering with leprosy while a resident of Norwalk. How the unfortunate man became the subject of almost national controversy and how he was forced to submit to health restrictions that amounted to near persecution is a matter of common information. His trip across the continent, his sensational treatment at the hands of Pacific coast health officials and his subsequent sailing to the leper colony in a ship cabin arranged especially for contagious diseased cases, makes a most interesting story.


Show windows are alive with patriotism

Main street show windows are unusually attractive this week, War Chest week. Ed Cook’s grocery has a miniature Red Cross nurse and wounded soldier that is attracting a lot of attention. J. Kahn  and the Jefferson Hardware Co. both have windows blazing with flags. Tabers’ patriotic window has for a center pierce the German coins and the envelope containing them, tossed into the flag in the parade. In Fred Cook’s windows are hung a number of shipbuilding posters sent by L.W. Wickham who is engaged in government work in Philadelphia.

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