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Norwalk High School hosts mayor debate

By LYNANNE VUOVICH • Oct 30, 2019 at 8:52 AM

Norwalk High School hosted a mayoral debate Tuesday morning for the two candidates running for office.

Mayor Rob Duncan is seeking re-election while Dave Light is hoping for an opportunity to show the city what he could do.

The questions came from junior and senior students who were seeking answers to their concerns for the town.

In the candidates opening statements, both provided their background information and spoke of their families.

“I’m proud of my tenure as mayor,” Duncan said. “I ask you today, is Norwalk better off today than it was eight years ago?”

Light was a member of Norwalk’s police department for 34 years and served as chief of police for eight years.

“This is an important election. I don’t see Norwalk moving forward,” Light said. “We have to go out and seek those jobs; we can’t sit still and wait for them to come here.”

Main concerns dealt with bringing jobs into the city, improving infrastructure and decreasing deficit spending.

One student inquired if either candidate actually has spoken with businesses in an attempt to bring new jobs into Norwalk.

Duncan said he attends regular business visits and works with the economic development center and the chamber of commerce regularly.

“We’re always working with businesses,” he said. “And talking with businesses on a daily basis.”

Light said he wants to aggressively pursue new businesses to take root in Norwalk. He said he spoke with a major corporation recently that’s looking to relocate its headquarters between Toledo and Cleveland. He spoke with the CEO and a real estate development team.

“We had a great conversation and I was trying to do everything I could to sell the city of Norwalk,” Light said. “It’s important to try and land a company like that.”

In the closing statements, both Duncan and Light thanked the students for their questions and for the high school hosting the event.

Light said he hoped that the students will be involved in city politics in the future.

“I don’t see the leadership right now at city hall,” he said. “If you’re a leader and no one’s following you, then you’re just out for a walk. I think it’s time for a change; I think eight years is long enough. I’d like the opportunity to see what I can show you.”

Duncan said he hopes that over the eight years he’s been mayor, it’s obvious he’s delivered his promises to the city.

“Norwalk has a lot of positive things going. My opponent keeps saying we need change, but in the last 10 months I haven’t heard him say what that change is beside he thinks we need a new mayor,” Duncan said. “My desire is to see the residents of Norwalk, especially those of you sitting in this room, to reach your full potential and your destiny. I’m committed to doing whatever I can do to make that happen.”

Election day is Tuesday.

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