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'March was a very good month for car sales'

By Norwalk Reflector staff • Jun 20, 2019 at 1:00 PM

Sales tax collection in Huron County remains consistent.

Auditor Roland Tkach recently released a new batch of numbers which reflected March sales.

Huron County’s portion of sales tax collected in March was $889,524, up about $39,000 compared to the same month a year ago.

“I’m very pleased with the retail sales in Huron County,” Tkach said. “We’re about 5 percent above the revenue estimate.”

Mom-and-Pop stores accounted for 28 percent of the March sales tax total, while big-box stores made up 27 percent. Vehicle sales were at 24 percent.

“March was a very good month for car sales,” Tkach said, noting Huron County still receives sales tax when a county resident purchases a vehicle outside the county.

“That 24 percent translates into about $14.2 million in car sales in March,” he added.

Liquor sales were up 5 percent.

Although the sales tax reports have been positive, he said he will continue to monitor the numbers closely.

“I’m very concerned with the recent rainfall,” Tkach said. “And how that affects the local farmers being able to get their crops in the field in a timely manner.”

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