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Do we need a congressional psychiatrist?

• Feb 8, 2019 at 11:00 AM

NOTE: The following letter to the editor was submitted by Richard Missler of Norwalk.

During the Kavanaugh/Ford, he said/she said hearing, the ‘me-too’ers had a “believe her” mantra.

Well, the Republicans did so, along with the Democrats, but there was interesting point of departure. Some Republicans believed “something happened” to Ford they just did not believe her about who did it, (or actually what it was). She was mistaken.

It was Freud who got us started on female sexual hysterics, how baggage from long ago in the closet causes acting out in adulthood.

So then, “some” (you guess what) sexual (and shameful) dark secret plagues this woman is the conclusion. And therefore, being in error and thereby hysterical, she actually in the end has no credibility about this something and is not believable. Smoke but no fire.

This story turned from a man with baggage to the woman having the baggage. Her past was the point.

This was also the very first story in culture — women dabble illicitly and are plagued with irrationality. From Eve on women carry a discriminatory curse. They can’t get it right.

Clever once again, but never again?

And so ingrained. Do we need a congressional psychiatrist?

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