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Hintz: 'Trying to do what is best for this county'

By JOE CENTERS • Nov 7, 2018 at 7:00 PM

It was back to business Wednesday morning for Joe Hintz.

Fresh off his resounding win in the Huron County commissioners race, Hintz and his crew were out early picking up campaign signs.

“I want to thank all of those who supported me and I want to assure the residents of Huron County, despite what they have heard I am not sick,” Hintz said. “I was recovering from surgery and that slowed me down a bit. I am back and ready to go.”

Hintz, a Republican, won his third four-year term with 9,424 votes to outdistance Democrat Melissa James (5,532) and independent Bob Morgan (3,627).

“I appreciate the overwhelming support out there,” said Hintz, who will rejoin fellow Republicans Skip Wilde and Terry Boose.

“The first time I ran, even though I won, I didn’t have the majority of votes,” Hintz said. “Jim Ewell and Mike Adelman ran and together they had the majority and that bothered me.

“I want to continue on. I am the fiscal conservative. When I came on, the sheriff’s fleet was very old with 21 vehicles. This is a big county and we put a lot of miles on them. I want to keep our fleet updated.

“My very first year in office I was pushing for vehicles — we had a dire need for that. We are in good shape now and I want to keep it that way.”

Hintz said it was a rough election — “one of the nastiest elections I have been in.”

There was a conflict about stealing signs and intimidation during the campaign. Hintz said what happened isn’t right.

“You can’t control what all of our people are doing,” he added. “But for crying out loud, at least apologize for that.”

With all of that being said, Hintz said his main concern now is the people.

“I am trying to do what is best for this county,” he said.

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