Tkach looks 'forward to some great years ahead for Huron County'

Cary Ashby • Nov 6, 2018 at 11:31 PM

Roland Tkach has been re-elected Huron County auditor.

The Democratic incumbent defeated Republican challenger Tom Dunlap in Tuesday’s election. According to unofficial results, Tkach gained almost 55 percent of the votes (10,201) compared to nearly 45 percent (or 8,464 votes) for Dunlap, who formerly served the county as sheriff and commissioner for one four-year term each.

“I am humbled by the support and I appreciate everyone in the entire effort,” said Tkach, who celebrated his victory with his wife Dianne, his staff members and their families at The Freight House Pub & Grill in Norwalk. “I contacted a lot of people on this campaign and the message was always positive.”

Tkach has been the auditor since March 5, 2007. He defeated Will Lewis in the 2006 general election, Bob Patusky in the 2010 election and was unapposed in 2014.

“I am very thankful to everyone who supported me and voted for me in this election. I look forward to some great years ahead for Huron County government; in all I do I work for everyone,” Tkach said Tuesday. “As for what is ahead, I only take one election at a time. It always feels good to win.”

Just prior to being elected auditor the first time, Tkach served as the Huron County treasurer from 2002 through March 2007 — a term and a half. He stepped down from the position and was elected auditor, replacing John Emlinger, who retired after serving the county for many years.

Tkach, a Western Reserve High School graduate, is a Hartland Township resident who has lived in the Norwalk area all his life. He grew up in Wakeman Township.

Reflecting his comments on election night, Tkach said during the campaign his focus as the auditor always has been about serving the public and customer service.

“I work for you,” he said in October. 

The job responsibilities of being auditor include value assessment of real estate and being the chief financial officer for the county. The auditor also oversees weights and measures, the revenue side of the county budget and the tax map department, which handles plats and real estate transfers.

“I do a lot more than crunch numbers,” said Tkach, who also envisions the auditor’s job as being the county “paymaster and “bill-payer.”

Dunlap couldn’t be reached for comment Tuesday.

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