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'Buying local really benefits everyone'

By Norwalk Reflector staff • Oct 24, 2018 at 5:00 PM

Sales tax continues to provide a strong source of revenue for Huron County.

Auditor Roland Tkach recently released the sales tax numbers for July. Huron County’s portion was $818,873 for that month. 

Tkach is pleased with the overall sales tax collection in 2018.

After the latest report, Huron County is at 92 percent of the estimate for this year.

“We’re right where we want to be, looking at the estimates,” Tkach said.

“This is really market driven,” he added. “We’ll continue to keep a close eye on the retail activity in Huron County. Buying local really benefits everyone.”

Locl sales tax collection has held its own this year, especially considering the loss of sales tax on Medicaid payments in nursing homes, the auditor said.

In July, Mom-and-Pop stores accounted for 33 percent of the overall total, while big-box stores made up 27 percent.

Vehicle sales were at 23 percent. Liquor sales were up 9 percent compared to a year ago.

Sales tax makes up about 63 percent of Huron County’s general-fund revenue.

Tkach also unveiled the new casino fund numbers.

The latest figures showed the county will receive $172,183 in casino funds for the quarter, bringing the 2018 total to $699,130.

The $699,130 total was the second-highest since the county began receiving casino funds in 2012, only trailing 2014’s total of $708,446.

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