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Permits for water treatment plant improvement not needed

By ELLEN SIMMONS • Oct 9, 2018 at 9:00 PM

NEW LONDON — In a brief village council meeting Monday, New London Village Administrator Shawn Pickworth reported a pre-construction meeting took place Oct. 4 with representatives from Poggemeyer Design Group, Kirk Bros. Co. and the village concerning the water treatment plant improvement project.

It was determined permits aren’t needed through Richland County for new clear wells and drying beds. It is hoped outside construction can begin in the fall.

The village applied for a $500,000 critical infrastructure grant, but was turned down. New London can reapply, but Pickworth said the state is requiring the village to use all of its revolving loan fund (RLF) money toward the project.

“They don’t want any RLFs out there anymore,” he added.

Also, the Ohio Public Works Commission funding for East Street, Birch Park extension and New London Avenue extension looks doubtful. Pickworth said the method of scoring the projects has changed and he feels the villages in the county are being shortchanged.

Firelands Ambulance Service had 65 runs in September and the Park Gun raffle is Nov. 10.

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