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June was 'highest collection of the year'

By Norwalk Reflector staff • Sep 24, 2018 at 3:00 PM

Sales tax collection was strong in June in Huron County.

“We had our highest collection of the year,” said auditor Roland Tkach, who recently released the new numbers.

Huron County’s portion of sales tax collected in June was $951,477.

“I’m very pleased with where we (are) for the year, all things considered,” Tkach said. “With three quarters of the year in the books, we’re looking for a strong fourth quarter.” 

Vehicle sales were solid in June, checking in at about 24 percent of the overall total.

“June was a great month for car sales,” Tkach said. “Car sales really stepped up to the plate, as far as economic activity.”

Mom-and-Pop stores accounted for 33 percent of the sales tax total in June, while big-box stores made up 24 percent.

“Liquor sales were up 8 percent,” Tkach said.

“This county auditor wants to thank everyone for shopping local,” he added. “It really makes a big difference.”

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