House fire starts in southwest corner bedroom

Cary Ashby • Updated Oct 11, 2019 at 10:08 AM

Firefighters estimate there was $75,000 of contents and property damage after a blaze early Wednesday morning in Norwalk.

Upon arriving at 86 Parsons St., the Norwalk Fire Department found black smoke showing from the second-floor windows, said Capt. Rick Perry in his report. Dispatchers had notified the crew, which was called at 3:14 a.m., it was “a working fire” and all the occupants were out of the structure.

“(The) on-duty crew was able to enter through the front door and then proceeded to the second floor, where they were met with black smoke and heat. The fire was located in the far southwest corner bedroom. Crews had the fire under control within the first 10 minutes,” Perry wrote.

The acting chief said the information provided by police dispatchers was extremely helpful.

“I think the dispatchers did an exceptional job getting information to us on the way to the call,” Perry told the Norwalk Reflector. “They asked the right questions. That is critically important for us to have on the way. … They did a nice job.”

Dispatchers learned the family — two parents and two children — had “problems with their fireplace” Tuesday night, he said.

“The fire was caused by radiated heat from a double-walled insulated pipe that ventilated a downstairs fireplace. The radiated heat started a fire in the wood framing structure behind the wall that extended into the upstairs bedroom. The mother of the family woke up and smelled smoke, alerted the rest of the family, (who) were then able to exit the structure and call 9-1-1. No working smoke detectors operated before or during the fire,” he wrote in his report.

There were smoke detectors in the house but they did not work.

Thirteen firefighters in two engines and a ladder truck extinguished the blaze. The Norwalk Police Department and North Central EMS assisted the crew at the scene. Firefighters were there for about two hours and 15 minutes.

“No injuries were reported at the time of this report,” Perry said. “The main fire was in that bedroom and nobody was sleeping in that bedroom at the time.”

Perry said the family isn’t able to live in the house, but their insurance company made arrangements for them.

“I think also the American Red Cross was contacted,” he added.

Noting that smoke detectors would have helped prevent some of the damage, Perry said “the quicker they can get out, the quicker we can get the notification.”

“The Norwalk Fire Department cannot emphasize enough the importance of having working smoke detectors. It is fire prevention week and everyone should be making sure they have the correct number of working detectors in their homes. Along with the working smoke detectors, everyone should know and practice two ways of exiting their homes.” 

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