'It was so important to keep our students engaged'

Zoe Greszler • Aug 18, 2019 at 1:00 PM

MONROEVILLE — Monroeville Elementary fought hard to make sure students wouldn’t go without a summer reading program, and even added a math portion to the program. The district reorganized worked funds and applied for the Mylander Foundation Grant and received donations from the community to make sure the children didn’t go without the necessary — and fun — break-time instruction. 

The summer programs, which are offered to students in kindergarten through sixth grade, ranged in cost from $7,500 to $9,500.

Smith previously said she and the teachers worked hard to “look ahead and plan” so they could find the money to cover the costs, giving the best opportunity to each student.

And curriculum coordinator Coral Smith said she thinks it paid off. 

“We offered fun, interactive activities for students to stay engaged in reading and math throughout the summer,” Smith said.

The program, which was open to any Monroeville elementary student, was offered for five weeks, twice per week in three-hour sessions. Each student also was able to go home with books and flashcards at the end of the program.

This was the first year math was added to the program, however, the summer reading program has been offered many times in the past.

“We felt it was so important to keep our students engaged with their reading and math skills during the summer. That is why this year we decided to also add math to our program to give our students the opportunity to review the math skills they had learned throughout the year,” Smith said.

She said the results of the summer events should be seen in the students’ performance throughout the year.

“Once we return to school, we will analyze our students' progress throughout the year to determine the success of the program,” Smith said. “We dedicate ourselves to continuously analyze our programs in an effort to best meet our students' needs each year.”

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