Norwalk firefighters remind students of fire safety

Cary Ashby • Oct 10, 2018 at 1:00 PM

The Norwalk Fire Department kicked off Fire Prevention Week with an assembly Monday morning at Pleasant Elementary.

Before the assembly started, Principal Janice Smith announced the students would celebrate their annual Trucker Bucks on Oct. 19 with several special guests. The second- and third-graders gasped and clapped when they heard the Norwalk High School band and football team would be there. However, the biggest applause came when they learned the cheerleaders would be at Pleasant.

One of the biggest ways to prevent a fire is a smoke detector. Firefighter Nathan Brown referred to it as “a big nose” for smoke.

Nearly all of the students’ hands went up in the air when they were asked if they had a smoke detector in their home.

Brown reminded the children that if they leave a cherished item such as a toy inside their burning house, not to go back in for it.

“Leave that to us,” the firefighter said. “We will go get it or get you a new one. Toys can be replaced.”

If there’s a fire, families should have a meeting place. Brown told the students their families should choose a landmark — a big rock, tree, mailbox or even a neighbor’s house.

The children are supposed to leave lighters, matches and stoves alone.

“Don’t touch them. Don’t play with them; just leave them where they are,” Brown said.

Firefighter Logan Shullick put on his gear for the students, including his mask, air tank and fire-resistant coat. The coat has three layers: Nomex on the outside, a layer of air and a blend of Nomex and cotton on the inside.

“We take clean air inside with us,” Brown said, indicating the tank on the firefighter’s back. “He will look just like Darth Vader.”

And by breathing the clean air in the tank — called a self-contained breathing apparatus in the fire department industry — Shullick sounded like the bad guy from the original “Star Wars” movies too.

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