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Catholic Schools Week events focus on the community

By Norwalk Reflector Staff • Jan 31, 2017 at 10:00 PM

As part of the national celebration of Catholic Schools Week, Norwalk Catholic School and St. Paul High School have planned several events this week.

Monday’s focus was on the local community and two events took place.

One of the events was a prayer pilgrimage to local businesses and community organizations. This pilgrimage has existed at St. Paul High School for more than 10 years and is organized by the school’s theology teachers. During theology classes, students traveled to various sites around Norwalk to pray for the health, success and continued growth of the community.

When asked why prayer can help the community, Sophomore Brendan Hipp said, “I believe prayer can benefit the community because through prayer I can see God working in all of my classmates.”

Each student was asked to write their own petition for the site they were visiting. For instance, students prayed for good government and fair-minded justice in front of the Huron County Courthouse. At Fisher-Titus Medical Center, students prayed for quick recoveries and guidance for doctors and nurses. At some locations, employees joined the students in prayer.

Students visited and prayed at over 20 locations around Norwalk.

Sophomore Miller Hosack also felt she benefited greatly, “I liked that we could pray all around the community. It filled me with the Holy Spirit to be able to pray at these different places, every little prayer helps.” During the pilgrimage students felt blessed to part of the Norwalk Community and that their prayers had a positive effect on all of their surroundings.

The second event featured on Monday was an introduction to a week-long recycling challenge. Students at Norwalk Catholic School have been challenged by New Horizons Baking Company to care for the earth. Trina Bediako, Vice-President at New Horizons Baking Company, kicked off the Recycling Challenge with a presentation to students on sustainability. New Horizons is a local company that makes buns and English muffins for McDonald’s and other companies.

The local business is a 0 waste facility. Bediako explained to the students how the company uses different recycle methods. Some waste goes to make feed for animals. Other waste gets incinerated and used as energy. Bediako challenged Norwalk Catholic School students to recycle plastic bottles throughout the week, offering each grade and school building a reward for the winner with the most recyclables for the week.

Catholic Schools Week runs until Friday.

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