Community donations rescue Alice

Zoe Greszler • Dec 28, 2018 at 4:00 AM

No one will ever know the full story behind what actually happened to Alice. One thing was sure though when the approximately 1-year-old shitzu mix arrived at the Huron County Humane Society — this loving dog needed medical attention and some TLC.

“What you are seeing here is graphic and is the unfortunate reality that we sometimes encounter,” the humane society posted on its Facebook page along with five photos showing Alice’s transformation.

“This wonderful girl (now known as Alice) was found on the side of the road in horrible condition. She had some type of injury to her eye and we will never know what happened to her. Alice was also so horribly matted that we could not even see her feet. She had clearly not been groomed for a very long time.”

Administration assistant Jordan Howell said Alice was brought to the shelter after a passerby said he noticed her on the side of the road. Howell said she needed “a lot of TLC.” 

“When he brought her in she had an eye sticking out of her head. It was physically sticking out of her skull,” she said. “We think she may have been hit (by a car) but we’ll never know for sure what happened. Despite all that she went through she didn’t get mean or nip at anybody even once. She had a very positive attitude throughout the whole thing.”

“None if this stopped Alice from being so sweet and loving attention,” according to the Facebook post .

Alice, who had no microchip to indicate who her owner was, immediately was taken to a veterinarian and given some of the care she needed. In about a week’s time, that care included being able to have surgery to fix her eye and being shaved down to relieve the matting. Within a couple days, the dog’s eye was beginning to scar over and heal.

Before Alice even finished healing though, a woman named Irene went into the shelter, saw Alice and “just fell in love with her.”

When the time came when Alice was able to find a home of own, Irene adopted her. She was brought her into her new loving home Wednesday.

“We got her healed up and she’s just wonderful,” Howell said. “She was loved and taken in even faster than we thought she would be. It was such a good second chance for her.”

The photos on the humane society Facebook page show Alice’s “transformation from this poor matted thing with this awful eye injury, to the happy one-eyed love of her new mommy's life.”

Howell said that transformation was possible because of the community’s generosity and love. Many residents and private businesses have donated to the non-profit organization’s Simon Fund, which helps cover the expenses incurred when animals come in with life threatening situations like Alice or have cancer or another disease. 

“These types of situations are the reason we need supporters of our Simon Fund,” according to the post. “The Simon Fund was established to help us pay for extraordinary medical circumstances. Alice is now happy and home thanks to these special funds.”

Anyone who would like to learn more about the humane society, adopting an animal or making donations can visit the 246 Woodlawn Ave. location or call the shelter at 419-663-7158.

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