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Do your homework before you vote

By Joe Centers • Oct 29, 2019 at 3:00 PM

You see them all everywhere come election time.

Those generic yard signs that read simply “vote no on taxes.”

It doesn’t say what taxes or where. You can pick up those signs anywhere like a can or corn. That sign could be used in Norwalk or New London, Ohio, as easily as Norwalk or New London, Conn.

As I was driving to New London on Friday evening for the football game it wasn’t hard to notice all of the “vote no” signs along Ohio 162. But along with the vote no on taxes signs there were specific “vote no on New London levy” signs.

These are tough times for voters. While most of our taxes go to Washington for bombs and aid to foreign countries, we are left back at home trying to figure out how to fund things locally. And the only taxes we can vote on are local from schools to cities to villages to townships.

When we go to the polls a week from today every voter in Huron County will see at least two levies — one to establish and operate 9-1-1 and public safety communications systems and a replacement levy for Huron County Public Health. Along with those two there will be 22 other levies around the county including ones for fire and ambulance, roads and bridges and cemeteries in the townships to a park and rec levy in Norwalk and school levies in New London, Willard and Edison.

It’s easy to go into the voting booth and check “no” on every levy we see. I am not going to tell anybody how to vote, but to be informed on how they vote.

Do the schools really need the money? Do the townships need money for the fire departments, ambulances, roads and bridges? Those are decisions everybody has to make themselves.

Is the money you are asked to spend worth it? Remember, better schools make property values go up and you are the ones driving on the roads and bridges.

Think about that next Tuesday.

Mayoral debate today

The two candidates for Norwalk’s mayoral race will debate today at Norwalk High School.

Tandem Media Network — which includes the Sandusky Register and Norwalk Reflector — and BGSU Firelands are sponsoring the debate between incumbent Mayor Rob Duncan, a Republican, and Democratic challenger Dave Light.

The debate will be at 10 a.m. at the Norwalk High School Ernsthausen Performing Arts Center.

Duncan is seeking his third term as Norwalk’s mayor. The challenger, Light, is a former Norwalk police chief.

Members of the public are welcome to attend. The debate will include questions from both Norwalk City Schools students and Tandem Media Network.

We’re looking forward to today’s debate and we’re looking forward to the questions the students come up with. Stop in if you get the chance.

Many people have asked me what I think about the race and I just don’t know. I think it is too close to call and it will be decided this week.

Get out and vote. And, please, do your homework before you vote.

Joe Centers is Reflector managing editor. He can be reached at [email protected]

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