Haircut and gasoline — not a big week of spending for this guy

Matt Roche • Jul 24, 2019 at 7:00 PM

When Managing Editor Joe Centers asked the Reflector’s newsroom staff to keep track of all our receipts for one week, I anticipated not being able to add much to the total.

And that’s just what happened.

From Sunday through Saturday, I made a grand total of two purchases. And one of them didn’t have sales tax.

The first thing I spent money on last week was my hair cut at Julie’s Salon, which I’m sad to say closed for good Saturday. Haircuts, hair coloring and hair styling are not subject to sales tax in Ohio.

The other thing I paid for last week was a full tank of gas for our van. Since we are taxed 56.9 cents per gallon (38.5 by the state and 18.4 by the federal government), I paid $9.49 in gasoline taxes. The 10.5 cents per gallon added by the state July 1 cost me an additional $1.75, but I’m OK with it because our roads do need work and the money has to come from somewhere. I’m glad I don’t use diesel fuel, though, because that is now taxed 71.4 cents per gallon (47 and 24.4, respectively).

For entertainment, we made several trips to Cedar Point. However, we have season passes, so there was no additional spending there.

My wife Jodie did make some purchases, including groceries, but I didn’t ask her to save those receipts.

With six people, including our four daughters, living in our home, along with two pets, we do have to be frugal when it comes to purchases. If it were not for Jodie’s wise decision-making with money matters, as well as her use of coupons, bargain shopping and good planning, we’d never survive financially. She really knows how to stretch the dollar, so to speak, and the whole family benefits.

In fact, we have everything we need.

It helps that we rarely eat out, preferring Jodie’s cooking. We also enjoy the produce from our garden.

So while Joe and his wife paid $34.56 in sales tax last week, I paid $9.49. (Joe’s story was published in Tuesday’s issue.)

Up next in our week-long series are the three reporters — Cary Ashby, Zoe Greszler and Stacey Hartley. Each of them will share their spending stories during the next three days. Considering one reporter purchased a house and another a wedding dress, I think it’s safe to assume I paid one of the least amounts of sales tax among newsroom employees last week.

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