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Amazon Echo Dot catches fire in kitchen of Sandusky home

By Norwalk Reflector staff • Updated Mar 1, 2019 at 10:18 AM

SANDUSKY — A Sandusky family says its third-generation Amazon Echo Dot virtual assistant device caught fire.

When Joe Jachym, a retired Sandusky firefighter, and his wife returned home recently, they discovered their kitchen was filling with smoke and flames were coming from the gadget, according to a story posted on the Fox 8 Cleveland website.

Jachym told the TV station that both the electrical outlet and device charger cord were not damaged, only the device and surrounding counter top.

"With something like that, it will knock the breaker out, but there was no fire by the plug itself," Jachym told Fox 8. "It was just in the unit itself."

The family informed Amazon about the incident and eventually received a response, Fox 8 reported. Amazon reportedly asked the Jachyms for the damaged device and offered to send them a new one.

Jachym's daughter, Liz, told the TV station she purchased the device for about $50 at a big box store about two months ago. She works as a customer service specialist at Best Buy, according to her Facebook profile.

"We know a lot of families that have these Dots and it concerns me if they do catch on fire," Liz, a Perkins High School graduate and Bowling Green State University student, told the TV station. "They are in a lot of kids' rooms and family homes."

On Facebook, she posted pictures of the burned unit along with this warning: “Plz if anyone has one of these Alexa music unplug them when you are done. Good thing we got hm when we did it was on fire and burned my counter top and cabinet is all black My room was full of smoke please be careful.”

An Amazon spokesperson released the following statement to Fox 8: "Amazon takes the safety of its products seriously. We have reached out to this customer and are investigating this matter."

The full story is posted on the television station’s website.

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