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Meyer rolls perfect game on biggest stage

By DON HOHLER • Aug 1, 2017 at 6:30 PM

If Jack Meyer needs an epitaph on his grave stone, he has one. It could easily read “Bowled Perfect Game in the 2017 Olympics.” 

These might not be the Olympics that happen every four years, but when you are talking more then 1,000 bowlers 50 years and older that meet every two years and add to that fact that Jack Meyer is 75, that’s pretty impressive.

Carolyn, age 73, and Jack have been Olympians for a number of years, making any number of stops at the state and national Senior Olympic Games sites. The last national event was in Birmingham, Ala.

“I didn’t do that well there by my standards,” Meyer said. “And that should not have been the case because I led in qualifying the first two days but then fell asleep when the chips were down. I finished seventh out of 47 bowlers in the singles in my age bracket and that was not good enough to make the medal round.”

Jack and Carolyn also bowled in the mixed doubles, finishing 11th out of 19 teams.

“We can do better than that, I told Carolyn. And we do have a better track record in the National Olympics. Two years ago I finished third in the singles with a 625, my partner from Dalton, Ohio, George Missler, and I placed seventh in the men’s doubles while Carolyn and I ended up eighth in the mixed doubles. We agreed to head for Columbus and Sequoia Lanes in June and enter the State Olympics which is a precursor to the national event and make things right.”

And this time, the threesome virtually ran the table.

“I guess we had something to prove. I know I did,” Jack said. “I led qualifying both days in Birmingham and then I bowl just awful by my standards. In Columbus, all three of us stood up to be counted. George and I started things out by virtually running away and hiding in the doubles, winning the gold medal with a 668.”

The mixed doubles followed in the afternoon. This is where history was made.

“I opened with a 228 and followed that with the 300,” Jack stated. “I finished with a 173 which was still plenty good enough for Carolyn and I to win the gold medal in that event.”

Jack talked about the perfect game.

“Hey, sometimes it takes a bit of luck, be it the Senior Olympics or on league night at Kenilee Lanes. I opened with two strikes and then crossed over but still covered in the third frame. The fourth shot was center-cut but I crossed over a second time in the fifth frame and again got the carry. I just felt with that kind of luck, I might as well cut her loose the rest of the way. The last six were solid in the 1-3 pocket.”

Meyer said there was one other 300 bowled in Columbus that weekend.

“It does happen quite often in the National Olympic Games. I know I get geared up maybe a bit more for the Nationals,” Meyer said. “I think I had eight in a row twice up in Minneapolis.”

Meyer, who still bowls three nights a week despite a knee replacement, bowled his first 300 in 2001 and the second four years later. The first came on April Fools’ Day. The second during April Fools’ Week. On both occasions he had one of his sons with him. His third on June 20 was with Carolyn as his doubles partner.

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