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Lefty Grove Baseball Week 7 results

By Norwalk Reflector staff • Jul 22, 2019 at 7:00 AM

NORWALK — The first of four division tournament championships was completed last week in the Lefty Grove Baseball League in Norwalk.

Nobil's Sports & Trophies defeated the VFW in the Senior Division (ages 13-16) championship game on July 12. In the win, Nobil’s Dalton Steffani had two singles and a double, while Andrew Bundschuh singled and doubled.

Also for Nobil’s, Kelton Chapin, Griffin Peiples, Jaycob Stanley, Toby Tester and Samuel Tokarsky each singled.

For the VFW, Ethan Phillips and Isaac Scheel each doubled, and Ryan Hedrick and Timothy Wallace both singled.

Tournament play for the Bantam, Colt and Junior divisions got underway last week.

Below are the latest results across all four divisions from July 10-15:



July 10

Eagles Club 20, No. 3 Western Reserve 0

Eagles: Hudson Davis, single, two doubles; Weston Davis, three singles; Casey Fries, two singles, triple; Elliot Kline, three singles; Jacoby Kraft, two singles; Hunter Miller, triple; Kevin Mills, two home runs; Connor Polacheck, single, triple, home run; Ty Reynolds, two singles, triple; Jaquin Robinson, three singles; Jake Rospert, single, double; Cole Vogus, double.

WR: Cohen Dawson, double; Micaiah Drennen, double; Zayne Leslie, single; Landen Oates, two singles.

Elks 10, Monroeville Black 4

Elks: Gaberial Bleile, single; Gracin Bockert, single; Grant Coriell, single, double; Camden Greenwell, two singles; Mason Heydinger, two singles; Blake Muskovich, single, two doubles; Wesley Pittenger, two singles; Dylan Smith, single; Clay Stieber, single; Blake Van Dresser, single, double.

Black: Zander Cleveland, two singles; Jared Fries, single; Jayden Gravenhorst, single; Jayce Maxwell, double; Cole Myers, single, double; Oliver Myers, two singles; Aidan Schaffer, single, double; Isaac Wadsworth, single; Owen Fries, single, double.

July 11

American Legion 17, Lions Club 2

AL: Tyler Boss, three singles; Maddox Gamble, double, triple; Liam Gilbert, single; Ethan Jones, three singles; Hudson Meagrow, two singles; Nolan Naseman, three singles; Henry Pertner, two singles; Zane Scheid, two singles, two doubles; Eli Schmidt, single, two doubles; Henry Spettle, single; Reid Thompson, four singles.

LC: Avianna Brant, single; Lincoln Hancock, single, triple; Olivia Jackson, single; Benjamin Rockwell, single; Mason Sanders, single.

July 12

Monroeville Black 15, No. 3 Western Reserve 0

Black: Easton Clark, single, double; Zander CLeveland, two singles; Jared Fries, two singles, double; Cayden Dixon, single; Jayden Gravenhorst, two singles; Presten Harvey, two singles; Oliver Myers, single, two doubles; Layne Neuberger, three singles; Brandon Reiber, single; Aidan Schaffer, single; Isaac Wadsworth, two singles; Owen Fries, single, double, triple.

WR: Cohen Dawson, single; Micaiah Drennen, single; Conner Duensing, single.

Eagles Club 22, No. 2 W. Reserve 1

Eagles: Hudson Davis, three singles, triple; Weston Davis, three singles; Casey Fries, single, three doubles; Elliot Kline, two singles, double; Jacoby Kraft, three singles; Hunter Miller, three singles; Kevin Mills, single, double; Connor Polacheck, single, two doubles, triple; Ty Reynolds, three singles; Jake Rospert, three singles, double; Cole Vogus, two singles, double.

WR: Braylin Allread, single, double.

July 13

American Legion 7, No. 3 Western Reserve 0

No highlights for either team.

No. 2 Western Reserve 21, KofC 6

WR: Braylin Allread, four singles; Bryce Buderer, two singles, two triples; Colton Dalton, three singles; Jaxon Dalton, two singles; Derek Keith, two singles, triple; Wyatt Tansey, single; Andrew Scherley, two singles; Bishop Whitt, three singles; Keegan Case, four singles; David Moen, two singles, two doubles.

KofC: Caleb Cross, single, double, triple; Parker Good, single; Maverick Harakal, single; Isaac Hovatter, single; Brennan Metzger, single; Nathan Moncrief, two singles, double; Colin Shupe, two singles.

July 15

Eagles 15, Elks 12

Eagles: Mason Beatty, three singles, double; Hudson Davis, three singles, triple; Weston Davis, two singles; Casey Fries, three singles, double; Jacoby Kraft, single; Hunter Miller, two singles; Connor Polacheck, two singles; Ty Reynolds, single; Juaquin Robinson, two singles, double; Jake Rospert, single, double; Cole Vogus, three singles.

Elks: Gaberial Bleile, two singles; Gracin Bockert, two singles; Russell Brooker, three singles; Grant Coriell, two singles, double; Abel Couch, single, two triples; Camden Greenwell, single; Mason Heydinger, three singles; Wessen Metro, single; BLake Muskovich, single, double; Wesley Pittenger, two singles; Bentley Pounds, two singles; Clay Stieber, two singles; Blake Van Dresser, two singles.

IOOF 16, Lions Club 6

IOOF: Bentley Illuzzi, single, double; Eli Keefer, single, three doubles; Greg Keefer, two singles, triple; Arianna Krause, two singles; Abraham Linder, three singles; Aader McDonald, single, double; Braden Ream, single, double; Drake Riedy, two singles, double; Michael Stieber, four singles; Levi Wolf, two singles, double.

LC: Avianna Brant, two singles, double; Ashlynn Castle Drum, single; JP Davis, two singles; Lincoln Hancock, double, three triples; Olivia Jackson, two singles; Brady Layne, two singles; Drake Payne, single; Mason Sanders, single, two triples.



July 10

Oglesby Construction 8, Monroeville Black 5

Oglesby: Brandon Carty, single; Jordan Coder, two doubles; Owen Emmons, single; Gunner Kluding, single, double; JP Lawson, single.

Black: Veto Blair, double; Hayden Long, single; Cooper Schibley, single. 

July 11

Norwalk Concrete 14, NTA 2

NC: Vincent Caizzo, single; Kade Houck, single; Isaac Kalizewski, single; Brady Singer, double; Gabe Snyder, two singles, double; Izaac Snyder, two singles; Carter Swick, single; Caleb Thompson, single.

NTA: Landon Kennebeck, single; Amaree Mack, single.



July 10

Stein, Olson, Stang 7, Civista Banking 0

SOS: Jacob Collins, two singles; Jacob GIlbert, single; Jack Stieber, single; Tristan Stoner, single; James Wallace, single.

Civista: Nico Helton, single; Brody McFadden, double; Hunter Schneider, double; Corbin Service, single.

July 11

Battles Insurance 5, PNC Bank 3

Battles: Jacob Burger, single; Mason Canalos, single; Brock Houck, single; Luke Metcalf, single; Dylan Pigman, single.

PNC: Lincoln Bolton, double; Jared Hipp, triple; Ethan Jonson, single; Flether Ross, single; Gage Scheid, double.

Monroeville Black 19, Miller’s SupeValu 8

Black: Bode Bores, single; Jaxson Hedrick, single; Grady Lasch, double; Xavier Maxwell, single, home run; Landen Roeder, two triples; Alec Schafer, single.

Miller’s: Tyler Baxter, single, double; Dustin Brummitt, single; Aidon Gross, single; Parker Lloyd, single; Spencer Shutt, double.

July 12

Stein, Olson, Stang 3, Civista Banking 2

SOS: Trayton Laney, single; Tyler Ruhl, double; Tristan Stoner, single; James Wallace, double.

Civista: Nico Helton, two singles, double; Brody McFadden, single; Hunter Schneider, single, double; Corbin Service, double.

July 13

PNC Bank 18, Civista 6

PNC: Lincoln Bolton, double; Everett Gfell, double; Jared Hipp, double, three triples; Ethan Johnson, two singles, triple; Fletcher Ross, single, triple; Westin Sage, two doubles; Nate Sandor, single, triple.

Civista: Nico Helton, two doubles; Brody McFadden, triple; Braylon Tovo, double.

Battles Insurance 15, PNC 3

Battles: Jacob Burger, triple, home run; Mason Canalos, double; Lyric Finnen, triple; Talon Hancock, single; Kellen McDonnell, single; Luke Metcalf, single, double, triple; Colin Oney, single; Adam Roth, triple.

PNC: Jared Hipp, single; Fletcher Ross, double, triple.

Battles 16, Civista 13

Battles: Jacob Burger, home run; Mason Canalos, two home runs; Lyric Finnen, triple, home run; Brady Fritz, triple, home run; Brock Houck, two singles; Kellen McDonnell, two singles; Luke Metcalf, two singles; Adam Roth, single.

Civista: Carson Gede, single; Nico Helton, single; Brody McFadden, single; Hunter Schneider, single; Corbin Service, single, double, home run; Braylon Tovo, two singles.

July 15

Monroeville Black 11, PNC 5

Black: Grady Lasch, single, double; Xavier Maxwell, double; Landen Roeder, double; Owen Patchen, single.

PNC: Everett Gfell, double; Jared Hipp, single; Westin Sage, single; Gage Scheid, single.




July 11

Nobil's 18, Schild's 6

Nobil's: Jacob Bly, single; Andrew Bundschuh, single; Dalton Chapin, single; Kelton Chapin, single; Trenton Daily, single; Griffin Peiples, single; Jaycob Stanley, double; Dalton Steffani, double, home run; Samuel Tokarsky, single, double.

Schild's: Ben Burger, single, double; Brendan Hipp, single, home run; Lance Mainzer, double.

July 12

Championship game

Nobli's 9, VFW 5

Nobil's: Andrew Bundschuh, single, double; Kelton Chapin, single; Griffin Peiples, single; Jaycob Stanley, single; Dalton Steffani, two singles, double; Toby Tester, single; Samuel Tokarsky, single.

VFW: Ryan Hedrick, single; Ethan Phillips, double; Isaac Scheel, double; Timothy Wallace, single.

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