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Opportunities available: Soybean promotion, research, information program

By Norwalk Reflector staff • May 20, 2019 at 9:17 AM

The USDA Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) announced that soybean producers may request a referendum on the Soybean Promotion and Research Order, as authorized under the Soybean Promotion, Research, and Consumer Information Act.

Participation in the request for referendum is voluntary, and producers should only participate if they wish to request a referendum on the program. The results of the Request for Referendum will be published in a notice in the Federal Register. If at least 10 percent of eligible producers, as determined by USDA, participate in the Request for Referendum, a referendum will be held within one year from that determination. Interested soybean producers may request a referendum during a four-week period ending May 31. Form LS-51-1, Soybean Promotion and Research Order Request for Referendum, may be downloaded online, or obtained by mail, fax, or in person from Farm Service Agency (FSA) county offices during this time.

Completed forms and supporting documentation must be returned to the appropriate county FSA office by fax or in person no later than close of business May 31, or if returned by mail, must be postmarked by midnight May 31, and received in the county FSA office by close of business on June 6. For detailed information, including eligibility, read the full AMS announcement. For more information visit www.farmers.gov.

In other news...

Report failed crop acreage prior to destruction

With spring planting quickly approaching, the Farm Service Agency (FSA) encourages farmers to report failed crop acreage that will not be brought to harvest to their FSA office. Failed acreage must be reported to FSA before destroying and replanting to allow time for a field check.

It is very important that farmers report failed acreage that will not be brought to harvest to the FSA office prior to destruction, This simple act of insuring that failed acres are documented could be the determining factor in whether or not a farmer is eligible for future crop disaster program payments. Form CCC-576, Notice of Loss, is used to report failed acreage and may be completed by any producer with an interest in the crop. For crop losses covered by the Non-insured Assistance Program (NAP), producers must contact their local FSA office within 15 days of the occurrence of the disaster or when losses become apparent. Producers of hand-harvested crops and certain perishable crops must notify FSA within 72 hours of when a loss becomes apparent.

Producers with crop insurance should also contact their local agent when losses occur and before destroying the crop. Producers are encouraged to keep good production records on acreage with a low crop yield to document crop losses. To be eligible for crop disaster programs in the future, production records may help support crop loss claims. Additional information in regard to failed crop acreage or crop losses covered by the Non-Insured Assistance Program (NAP) can be obtained by contacting the FSA office.

* * *

When weather prevents or damages crops: When bad weather prevents planting or damages crops, FSA would like to remind producers to report the acreage to the FSA office within 15 days of the final planting date of the crop. This applies to all crops, whether covered by crop insurance, not covered by insurance, or covered by FSA’s Non-insured Assistance Program (NAP). Final planting dates vary among counties and crop types. Producers who have their crops insured through a private crop insurance company should contact the insurance agent immediately and advise them of the damaged crops.

Additionally, a CCC-576, Notice of Loss Application, must be completed in person at the FSA office, and the prevented and/or failed acres reported. For those crops covered under FSA’s NAP, producers should immediately contact the FSA office to report the acres and file a CCC-576, Notice of Loss Application. "Producers with NAP coverage should report their losses within 15 calendar days of crop damage from natural disaster. Producers of hand-harvested crops and certain perishable crops must notify FSA within 72 hours of when a loss becomes apparent, so the loss can be appraised, and production counted before the crop is put into another use, abandoned or destroyed. Crops not covered with a private insurance or NAP policy should still be reported to the local FSA office. This will provide FSA with a historical record of your crop should disaster assistance become available. For more information about reporting prevented planting or failed acres, contact or stop in the FSA office.

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