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Keyboard shortcuts save you time

By Ryan Lee • Dec 18, 2018 at 1:00 PM

I have years of experience with Apple computers and Windows computers. Over this time I've learned to use the keyboard shortcuts on both systems to save a lot of time.

When computers started becoming mainstream, they were far less visual or interactive and this forced anyone using them to know many of the different key combinations. These shortcuts were used to perform a wide variety of tasks. Nowadays people don’t take the time to learn many of the combinations.

You can use your computer without ever having to know most shortcuts or key combinations. Some people learn the shortcuts and use them all the time. These people usually are experts in one program and use it on a daily basis. For me, I know some shortcuts and use them all the time.

I wanted to share some of my favorite Mac OS X shortcuts. In my next column, I'll share my favorite Windows shortcuts. Below are some common shortcut keys to help make using the computer quicker and easier:

Command-A: This will select all items in the current window.

Command-C: This will copy all items currently selected.

Command-V: This will paste all items currently copied.

Command-K: Bring up the Connect to Server dialogue box.

Command-L: Make alias of the selected item.

Command-N: New Finder Window.

Command-O: Open selected or highlighted Item.

Command-Delete: Move selected item to trash.

Command-F: Search the current window for certain text.

Shift-Command-A: This will open the Applications Folder.

Shift-Command-D: This will open the Desktop Folder.

Shift-Command-I: Opens iCloud drive.

Shift-Command-H: This will open your home folder.

Option-Command-D: Shows or hides the dock.

The “Command” key is also referred to the “Apple” key, which is immediately to the left or right of the space bar.

Every program you use is likely to make use of different keyboard shortcuts or function keys. The ones I talked about today are ones I find very useful for everyday use on a Mac. Learning and using the keyboard shortcuts can save you a lot of time if are willing to learn them and use them effectively.

Ryan Lee is the IT director for the Sandusky Register and Norwalk Reflector. He can be reached at [email protected]

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