Roth's life revolved around St. Paul events

Mark Hazelwood • Oct 2, 2018 at 12:00 PM

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the second installment of a six-part series focusing on those who will be inducted into the St. Paul Hall of Fame on Saturday.


Mike Roth’s life is planned around the St. Paul Catholic Church and the school’s extra-curricular events.

It’s been that way for Roth since he was a kid — and there is no secret where that all started.

“We planned everything in our lives around St. Paul — the church, school functions and sports,” Roth said. “As we all got older and three or four of us graduated from SPH, dad only got more involved.”

Roth’s late father, Charlie Roth, indeed had his hand in everything when it came to the St. Paul community. The 1962 SPH graduate will be inducted as a distinguished member into the school’s Hall of Fame on Saturday.

Being inducted with Roth on Saturday will include the late Harvey Keller (distinguished), Mike Mushett (distinguished), Mike Gfell (athletic), Bill Bader Jr. (distinguished) and Jordan Centers-Mayer (athletic).

Inductees will be honored prior to Friday’s St. Paul football home game vs. Mapleton, with the induction ceremony slated for Saturday at 5:30 p.m. inside the Social Hall.

From his active involvement in the parish as a lector and Eucharistic minister, Roth was also varsity baseball coach, along with golf and junior high boys basketball. He was highly respected as an OHSAA umpire in the spring for baseball and softball and served the local umpire association as assigner.

"He got more involved with coaching baseball and golf, after he took on junior high basketball when John was in 7th grade,” Mike said. “And he made me help him when I came home from college for Christmas break. That was the first thing he coached officially at St. Paul, and he loved it. Once he started that ... He liked being around the kids and had a good rapport with them.”

“When he left coaching baseball and the kids were out of school, he still wanted that connection,” he added. “Baseball was his favorite sport. That's when he decided to become an umpire. My dad was always the guy that knew the rule book better than the umpire anyway, so it was sort of a natural move for him — and he absolutely loved it. He liked the connection with the kids.”

Though he wore many hats, Charlie Roth is best remembered for his booming voice. He most notably served as the public address announcer for St. Paul football games at Whitney Field for two decades, as well as boys and girls basketball home games.

Charlie was also a mainstay on the microphone for the wheel raffle at the St. Paul festival for years — and could be heard throughout town at both the football games and the festival. People still remark about that to the Roth Family to this day.

"He loved announcing and playing that role," Mike said. "He had certain little flairs he brought to it. I do sound a lot like him, and I know it. But make no mistake, Dad’s voice was definitely one of a kind. It's a pride thing for me."

A renowned carpenter, Roth, who passed away in 2007, and his woodwork is also long remembered. Whether it be in the entry way of the high school, the walls of the Joan C. Camp auditorium, the sides of the church, or the baptismal font — Charlie’s handiwork is all over the St. Paul campus.

"Dad did a lot of work at the church, school and convocation center, but also did a lot of other things up there that enabled us to go to school at St. Paul,” Mike said. “That was the commitment he and my mom (Marcia) made. That is probably what stands out in my mind with my kids also going to St. Paul. It was that important to my parents — they never once said it, but their actions did.

“It's a real honor. Nobody bled red, white and black more than Charlie Roth,” he added. “He was all about the Flyers — before, during, and after his kids were in school. He was the biggest fan and didn't miss anything. He did a lot of work up at the church and school so that my family could go there. That's why he deserves to go into the Hall of Fame. Charlie Roth was St. Paul schools.”

After two years at the University of Toledo, Charlie Roth served for two years n the U.S. Army — including a year overseas in the Vietnam War, and was a lifetime member of the VFW. He and Marcia married on June 18, 1966. He was a devoted member of the Knights of Columbus, serving many offices in council 626 and in the 4th degree, and served as State District Deputy for several years.

His other children along with Mike (1986) include: St. Paul graduates; Jennifer (1987), Julie (1988), Suzanne (1990), John (1993), Annamarie (1997) and Cecelia (2000). Keeping the deep-rooted St. Paul connections of his father, Richard (1931) and Rich’s seven siblings (1925, 1927, 1931, 1933, 1935,1940), and Charlie’s brothers: Robert (1957), Donald (1959), and Paul (1960) also graduated from St. Paul.

Of his seven local grandchildren, three have already graduated from SPH: Josh Wise (2008), Elyse Roth (2017) and Nick Roth (2018) — with Jacob Roth (2023), Adam Roth (2025), Zoe Roth (2025) and Zachary Roth (2027) still to come. His other four grandchildren live in Houston: Charlie Bunch (15) and Will Bunch (10) of Delaware (Ohio): Liam Monahan (10) and Sloane Monahan (6).

"Definitely a family man,” Mike Roth said of his father. “Family came first, and he was our biggest fan no matter what we participated in. His witty sense of humor was dry. A lot of times people didn't realize he was joking around, but he was the No. 1 supporter of anything the kids were doing.

“Dad was always there,” he added. “He made it to every game, and was very vocal. He let the officials know when they were both right and wrong.”


COMING WEDNESDAY: Mike Mushett is featured in the third part of this series.

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