Norwalk Reflector: Monroeville Drama Club dressed to the nines in 'New Clothes for the Emperor'

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Monroeville Drama Club dressed to the nines in 'New Clothes for the Emperor'

By IVY KELLER • Nov 6, 2016 at 2:00 PM

MONROEVILLE — The students at Monroeville high school are pleased to present a production of “New Clothes for the Emperor” on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The play is a new take on the classic fable “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” billed as “dazzling as the emperor’s imaginary extravagant clothing, this charming adaptation will make your stage come alive with laughter and an important lesson—it’s the heart that makes the man, not the clothing.”

Pre-sale tickets for the event cost $6, with at-door tickets priced $8. The show will be held at Monroeville High School, 101 West Street.

“Practices have been going very well,” said Christine Turner, director. “We have a group of very dedicated, talented kids who work very hard.”

The students are excited to perform the show, Turner said.

“This is the first non-musical performance this school has put on for quite some time,” she explained. “None of the students who are currently enrolled in Monroeville High School would have ever been in a ‘straight play’ (non-musical).

“The actors have talked about how they all thought it would be easier to produce this show since there is no music to memorize, but they have all found that it's actually a bit more difficult. They realized that music makes it easier to memorize lines.”

Amelia Borough plays the part of narrator in this charming play. She’s joined by Izzy Ballard as the Empress, Sophia Yarber as Gaberdine, Alexis Kurtycz as Princess Chenille, Gunnar Steward as Count De Gauche, Ellis Herner as the Emperor and Donaven Skiver as Captain Herringbone Faircloth.

Ethan Sattler and Grace Newell will play the parts of tailors, while David Carey, Isaac Peterson, Rachel Carey and Rachel Herner are extras.

Schyler Resor, Sabrina Hiser and Bobby Kurtycz lend their skills as crew for the production.

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