Norwalk Reflector: Want to rent Netflix or a hotspot?

Want to rent Netflix or a hotspot?

Zoe Greszler • Jan 29, 2017 at 3:00 PM

Ever wanted to have Netflix just for two weeks or only have it when your favorite show is available? 

Now you can, and at no charge as long as you return the Roku on time.

Wakeman’s Huron County Community Library at 33 Pleasant St. now has a Roku available for checkout, giving you access to free Netflix, an offer that just started about three weeks ago.

“The Netflix is with our Roku,” said librarian Linda Wood. “We have a Roku you can take home for two weeks. On that Roku we are offering the Netlifx account and all of the movies we have already downloaded on it.”  

Staying up with the times, that’s not the only new addition to the Library’s checkout selection. Now you can also rent a mobile hot spot and Kindle Fire HD, also free of charge.

“This is a new thing hot spot just started three months ago,” she said. “The people that know about it love it. Kindle Fire only downloads books on Kindle Fires. You can take it home and it already has books on it.”

Times are on the move and the library doesn’t plan on being swept away in the process Wood said. 

“I think it’s because the libraries are changing,” she added.

“We are becoming more for-the-community libraries, offering what the community is wanting. And another thing we have is the Play Away Launch Pad - a tablet for adults, young adults and some for kids. They come preloaded with games and some have programs to help you learn a language.

“We don’t charge anything. It’s all free,” she said of the new offers. “Willard also just came out and they’re going to put Nooks up (for checkout). We’re trying to keep up with the times.”

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