Norwalk Reflector: Worldwide broadcast show to feature local business

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Worldwide broadcast show to feature local business

• Sep 6, 2016 at 3:52 PM

Caroline Hipple, President of Norwalk Furniture will discuss the latest trends in home furnishings.

Furniture can say a lot about people and about the lives that they live and a company like Norwalk Furniture can help tell the story of a lifetime. Finding custom furniture can be a huge undertaking and often times you end up being overwhelmed and have no real solid idea about what you want.

That’s why the local business with be featured on the worldwide broadcast E! Entertainment’s Modern Living with Kathy Ireland.

The kind and dedicated staff at Norwalk Furniture work to involve the customer in each step of the process from initial design to the completed product so that you can feel like you are truly a part of your custom designed pieces. The business offers great designs and over 850 fabric and leathers.

Norwalk Furniture began as Galpin Gerken, an upholstery company that specialized in repair and reupholstering pieces that were worn or just needed a new look. As the partnership dissolved, Edward Gerken decided to reincorporate the company under a new name, the Norwalk Upholstering Company.

As the business expanded and grew the company began to delve into the world of custom designed and handmade pieces. Today, Norwalk Furniture offers a one of a kind experience that allows customers to choose fabric, style, shape, size and more and to truly create one of a kind pieces that fit their unique style and needs.

“The pieces that are created by Norwalk Furniture are not only beautiful, they are truly one of a kind, you can see the hard work and dedication that goes into creating each piece.” J.L. Haber, vice president of programming.

For those that strive to find something different, something unique, something that is going to turn the heads of anyone that comes to their home, the pieces of Norwalk Furniture do just that.

For more information tune in to see the Norwalk Furniture feature story on E! Entertainment as sponsored programming at 6:30 a.m. Thursday Sept. 8.

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