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Election countdown — 12 days

By JOE CENTERS • Updated Oct 25, 2017 at 4:33 PM

There are a number of seats up for grabs in the Nov. 8 election, which now is just 12 days away.

Here is a look at the races in Huron County:

City offices

Bellevue 3rd ward council (elect 1)

Steve Hill

Bellevue 4th ward council (elect 1)

Beverly J. Ommert.

Norwalk council at large (elect 4)

Stephen E. Euton, Jordy Horowitz, Bryan Lamb, Stephen F. Schumm and Vince P. Thompson.

Norwalk municipal court (elect 1)

Eric Weisenburger

Willard council Ward 1 (elect 1)

No valid petition filed

Willard council Ward 2 (elect 1)

Chuck Danhoff

Willard council Ward 3 (elect 1)

David Sattig

Willard council Ward 4 (elect 1)

Michael J. Elmlinger


Village offices

Greenwich council (elect 4)

Mike King, Randy Wilson (no other valid petitions filed)

Monroeville mayor (elect 1)

Melissa Fries

Monroeville council (elect 4)

Christina A. Raftery, Kevin Rasnick, Mark A. Rupp, Bob Whitacre 

New London council (elect 4)

Stuart K. Cooke, Michael Crabbs (write-in), Janice C. Myers, Michael Willis, Hugh C. Winslow Jr.

North Fairfield council (elect 4)

Sharleen Coy, Daniel L. Traxler (write-in) (no other valid petitions filed).

Wakeman council (elect 4)

Nancy J. DeLong, Beverly L. Stober, James E. Tansey, Roger Wallace.


School boards

Monroeville full term (elect 3)

Melissa A. Allen, Dan Bemis, Leah Dowell, Mike Helmstetter, Robb Smithson

Monroeville term ending 12-31-19 (elect 1)

Betsy Ruggles, Jane Kramer

New London full term (elect 3)

William A. Given, Kenneth Long, Domenic Maiani

New London term ending 12-31-19 (elect 1)

No valid petition filed

Norwalk (elect 3)

Julie Castle, Eric Gonzalez, Steven Linder, Ralph F. Ritzenthaler, Beth Schnellinger

South Central full term (elect 2)

Bryan Hamman, Nathan T. Knoll, Gary W. Sprague, Michael West

South Central term ending 12-31-19 (elect 1)

John Whitright, Travis Wilson

Western Reserve (elect 2)

Frank C. Edwards Jr., Kris Green, Peggy Weisenberger

Willard (elect 3)

Lisa M. Bohach, Donna Cok, Rod Cok, Marsha K. Danhoff, Dave D. Lawrence, Audrey Ruth Rose, Heather Slone, Richard Willoughby



Two elected in each township

Bronson Township

Dave Berry, Peter H. Mainzer, Steve Rospert

Clarksfield Township

James B. McClaflin, John O. McClaflin

Fairfield Township

Dale Bond, Jeff Deeble

Fitchville Township

Joshua L. Grosswiler, Valerie Halstead, Jay B. Schwanger, Bruce E. Urich, Robert W. Wilson

Greenfield Township

Jeremiah L. Huffman, Chris Morgan, Dale I. Smith

Greenwich Township

Henry Calame, Mark Stevens

Hartland Township

Lauren J. Kamm, Doyle H. Stevens

Lyme Township

Roger Hunker, David E. Lepley

New Haven Township

Thomas E. Babcock, Mike Keefe, Frank E. Smith

New London Township

Randy Fishbaugh, Robert Harris, Scott Loescher, William M. Schwinn

Norwalk Township

Jason Gahring, Frederick C. Linder, Rich Marett, Kevin Riley

Norwich Township

Gerald Mahl, Clifford E. Martin, Richard E. Wiles

Peru Township

Ricky M. Schaffer, Nick Stang

Richmond Township

Michael A. Adams, Matthew A. Schwab

Ridgefield Township

Robert H. Schafer, Joseph Stang

Ripley Township

Mark A. Adams, Michael E, Mills, Donald G. Sparks

Sherman Township

Todd A. Bischoff, Ronald A. Myers

Townsend Township

Joe Barnhouse, Micheal K. Hahn, Tim Patrick, Byron Yaussey

Wakeman Township

Carroll L. Butler, Dale Daniels, Kenneth Tkach


































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