Poll: Huron County backs President Trump

Zoe Greszler • Updated Sep 28, 2017 at 11:29 PM

Reflector poll revealed that about 75 percent agreed NFL players should be penalized for kneeling during the national anthem. 

An unscientific poll on the Reflector’s website, which 372 people participated in, revealed 74 percent supported Trump in saying NFL players did not have a right to kneel during the anthem in protest to racism and social injustice. Another 20 percent supported the players in their actions, though.

Comments below the polls and on Facebook showed the same attitude. 

“The flag kneelers are cowards and racist hacks. They deserve every bit of the unpleasant grief they are about to receive,” said one commenter who goes by “demmi.”

“Rid the country of this trash! Protesting this country while making millions playing a game. Most of them are not capable of putting a whole sentence together. If you don't think so (axe them),” said “fedup.”

One who goes by “Fairlybadboy” agreed.

“I like Trump. I think he has potential to affect real, positive change,” they said.

“Though he would be well served if an adult in his administration took away his Tweeter. This Sunday's 'protests' were evidently directed at POTUS, completely diluting the original stated purpose of kneeling during the Anthem. Just more political soapboxing. Taking a collective knee now only symbolizes that the clock is running out on the NFL, and the players are perfectly positioned to service Hollywood's engorged zeitgeist.”

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