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'It's a protest'

By COURTNEY BROWN • Jun 30, 2017 at 5:52 PM

MILAN — She still has Hillary Clinton signs up and she’s not taking them down.

“It’s a protest,” Linda Schenk said about the signs, which are displayed in front of her residence on Lockwood Road in Milan. All in all, she said she’s been harassed probably three times.

“I got a Christmas card in the mail; no name, no nothing,” Schenk said. “It said ‘Hillary lost’ and ‘if you’re voting for Hillary, raise your hand and slap yourself.’”

The person who wrote the letter also stated she would lose half her customers for her clothing alteration business, she said.

There was also a time when a neighbor had come up to her and told her to “respect your president,” Schenk said. Another time, a woman had found one of her signs offensive after her son saw it, because it had ‘groper-in-chief’ on it.

“I had to move the sign 40 feet back from the road,” she said. “I felt it was a teaching moment” and the child should have been taught what the words meant, she added.

It hasn’t all been like that, however. In fact, most of the feedback to the signs has been positive.

“(The) majority of people, they’ll say, ‘I like your signs,’” Schenk said.

A younger man had gone up to her once and said, “I finally got to meet the person who put the sign in the yard. Keep it up.”

And she does indeed plan to ‘keep it up.’

Schenk just wants Republicans to know she will only take her Hillary Clinton signs down “when (Trump) gets impeached or indicted for treason.”

As for the person who sent the Christmas card to her, she wants to say: “Guess what? It hasn’t hurt my business.”

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