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China strikes at heart, zodiac killer, scientists are puzzled and more

• May 4, 2018 at 1:19 PM

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BLOOMBERG: China strikes at heart of Trump's rural heartland with tariff on soybeans

China has taken aim at America’s rural heartland as the top buyer of U.S. soybeans said it would restrict imports.

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BUZZFEED: Could DNA finally identify the Zodiac killer?

Detectives have submitted letters written by the infamous Zodiac to a private DNA lab in hopes of obtaining a complete genetic profile of the elusive killer.

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POLITICO: Sinclair preps to challenge Fox News

Sinclair Broadcast Group, which for months has denied any interest in challenging Fox News while awaiting approval of a merger with Tribune Co., is gearing up to do just that.

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VOX: Schools don’t know to handle girls’ menstrual periods, and their education is suffering because of it

For some students at the Noble Network of Charter Schools in Chicago, getting your period means being forced to bleed through your pants, according to an NPR story published Monday.

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ONE COOL THING: Scientists are puzzled why the black patches around pandas’ eyes are turning white

Twelve bears at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breedingare losing fur around the eyes, making it appear as though the black patches are turning white, reports China Daily today

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