Tucker Beathard 'excited' to sing in Norwalk

Madeline Roche • Updated Aug 11, 2017 at 8:48 PM

Most country music fans know Tucker Beathard’s hit song “Rock On.”

Many probably are familiar with two other singles from this 22-year-old Tennessee resident: “Mamma and Jesus” and “Fight Like Hell.”

But what isn’t so well known about this rising star is that he considers himself socially awkward, was inspired by Blink 182 and has a big family.

These are some details gleaned during the Reflector’s exclusive interview with Beathard on Thursday.

Beathard said he is “excited” to perform Monday night at the Huron County Fair.

“I’ve always loved fairs,” Beathard said. “I get to play longer and just have more fun. There are great fans and great people to play for.”

Beathard’s journey in music began when he was a young teen and nearly took a detour for some opportunities offer to him with sports.


How it all began

Beathard said he started playing the drums at a young age because they were good for letting out anger, but “he wanted to get more emotions out.”

He was able to find a way that allowed him to do so: the guitar and his lyrics.

“I started playing the guitar when I was 14 or 15 and loved it,” he said, adding that he taught himself how to play and that it doesn’t matter if you know what you’re playing as long as it sounds good.

Beathard said that at times he has considered taking classes to learn more about playing the guitar; however, he decided against doing so.

“If I learned something that put me outside of the box, why would I do something that would put me inside the box? That would be boring,” he said.


Finding inspiration

Beathard was actually not a huge country fan growing up. He said he usually listened to rock music. Since his father, Casey, writes country music, he would get his country fix from listening to his lyrics.

“Blink 182 is my biggest inspiration,” he said. “It’s had a big impact on me and I felt like they were speaking for me because I was always in and out of trouble. I thought, ‘I want to speak my thoughts and put my emotions into songs to save myself and other people.’”

Other inspirations for his music come from his emotions.

“I keep my radar on (for things to write songs about),” Beathard said.

“I like reading poems and stuff like that to get down in the real emotions I get. Whether I’m pissed off, sad or happy, I just kind of channel it. I don’t understand how anyone could write a song that doesn’t have an emotion that came from them or something that triggered them. You put yourself in situations and song writing is the outlet.”


Best and worst

His personal favorites of his songs are “Whiskey in a Wine Glass” and “Faithful.” He said the first one is good for really rocking out and just being yourself, while the second is good for taking out his guitar, speaking from the heart and being more on the intimate side.

Beathard said his least favorite part of performing is when there is a lot of waiting around time before a show, but he said “it’s worth it when you actually get out there.”

Beathard’s favorite part of performing is talking and playing for people and expressing himself on stage.

Although Beathard said he enjoys performing, he said he feels awkward when he hears his songs on the radio while he’s in public.

“There’s no where I feel more at home than on stage. It’s my only way to express and identify myself. I’m kind of socially awkward and don’t really like attention but it is cool to hear my songs being played,” he said.

He added that one time he met his mom and sister somewhere and the video came on for one of his songs and he just had to leave.

“I like playing, writing and performing. The fan stuff I’m adjusting to,” Beathard said.


Family life

Although Beathard said “it’s cool to see the world and do what you love at the same time,” he said it is nice to be home.

“I spend my whole life traveling on the road — touring 250 days a year,” he said. “So when I’m home, I might play basketball with my roommates or just lock myself in my room and be alone. I like doing activities and I’ve got a big family that I get to visit.”

Family is a big part of Beathard’s life.

He is the second oldest of five children. His parents are still together and he said his family always has been close.

“They (my siblings) are like my best friends. We are each other’s biggest supporters. I can’t imagine not having my family. There’s no questions asked; I would do anything for anyone in my family,” Beathard said.

He added that his older brother recently became a father, and Beathard is very excited to have a niece now.

Beathard and his two brothers all played football and baseball. His older brother, C.J., is a rookie quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers. Their grandfather is former National Football League executive Bobby Beathard.


‘I wanted to do what was making me happy’

Tucker Beathard considered pursuing a career in pro sports. He received a scholarship to play baseball at a Division I school, Middle Tennessee State University,

However, he called the coach the night before he was supposed to report and told him he was turning down the offer to focus on music.

“I knew I was following my heart,” Beathard said. “At the end of the day, I wanted to do what was making me happy.”

Becoming more famous is a definite goal, he said. To accomplish that, he seeks daily improvement.

“I don’t determine success on fame or money or anything. I just want to make music and have it reach out to as many people as possible,” he added.

Dick Wilds, the Huron County Fair Board vice president, said he thinks Beathard will be a star one day.

“We determine who will be at the fair in August in September (the year before) and he (Beathard) was hot then so I can see him being a star,” Wilds said.

If that happens, it wouldn’t be the first time a country act has performed in Norwalk before making it big.

Luke Bryan, Lady Antebellum and Rascal Flatts performed at the Huron County Fair prior to becoming superstars.

Beathard has many fans whom he says are “very supportive.”

“It feels like we’re on the same team and I’m the spokesperson. We can make a difference and all be on the same page,” he said, adding that although there are a lot of fans who know the mainstream songs on the radio, there are a lot more underground fans following him who truly support him. “They have my back and I know they have my back, so I’ve got to make them feel like I’ve got their back.”

Beathard hopes to release new music soon. He has many songs written, but the record industry makes releasing albums a slower process than he would like it to be.

To hear Beathard play his hits live, fairgoers can purchase tickets for Beathard’s concert, which begins at 7:30 p.m., at the fair office anytime before the show. Prices range from $14 to $20.

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