GGBB celebrating 103rd birthday with music bach

Zoe Greszler • Sep 2, 2016 at 11:00 PM

FITCHVILLE — Great Grandpa Beebe is at it again, putting together another music festival — this time to celebrate his “103rd birthday.”

Matthew Beebe wasn’t happy when he realized he was going to hitting 30 a few years ago, so he decided to change his age and celebrate the only way he knows how, with music. 

All are invited to join him for Jubilee Go on Sept. 17 at the Indian Trail Campgrounds. Beebe noted it is “not a Pokémon gym,” but an art and music festival.

“Basically, four years ago I didn’t want to turn 30, so I told everyone I was turning 100,” he said with a laugh.

“So now I’m turning 103 this year. This is my birthday bash. It originally started out on actual birthday, but it’s skewed a little bit since then. It’s still the same month though.”

Instead of being a multi-day affair, this year’s jubilee only will be one day, but will take place all day long and will feature about 10 different music acts, including Maura Rogers & the Bellows, a country rockabilly band from Cleveland; Miss Macy & the Low Pay Daddies, Chu Dat Frawg, Asbestos Lettuce, Big Black Galactic, The Real McCoys, Depaysement a theatrical band from Japan, Great Grandpa Beebe, Kevin Obermeyer and more.

For the art side of the event, there will be several different genres, sure to please many culture enthusiasts, from crystal artwork to stenciling and “a bunch more,” Beebe said. 

“There’s also going to be a bunch of businesses and food vendors that are coming out,” he added.

Food options also feature some favorites and some new faces with several varieties available including vegan options and possibly a new Argentinian-style food truck run by some friends of Beebe. 

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