St. Paul grad has roles in TV series, film

Cary Ashby • Jun 6, 2017 at 9:00 AM

Eric Farkas drives his Ford Crown Victoria in front of a seedy looking home.

Dressed in a black fedora and gray trenchcoat, the 1981 St. Paul High School graduate starts taking photographs of the property.

And then a thug grabs him from behind. An argument ensues between the detective, thug and his partner. Farkas’ character takes a punch to the head.

But that’s what happens when you’re playing a detective in a project titled “Out of Darkness: Cleveland.” Farkas is featured in the first minute of the teaser trailer for the TV series, which includes Chris Hahn (better known as Johnny Paradise from the WWE) in the cast.

“They are still looking at funding,” said Farkas, who has lived most of his life in Norwalk. “There will be a feature film to introduce it.”

“Out of Darkness: Cleveland,” a crime/science fiction series, is directed by Alex Michaels, whom Farkas has known for several years, and Darryl Epp.

“It’s going to be filmed in Cleveland,” Farkas said.

The part-time “character actor” enjoys driving his own car while filming scenes. The Ford often is used by Ghost Walk Films, a Cincinnati-based production company.

“It’s a good feeling,” Farkas said. “I get behind the wheel and I’m Steve McQueen.”

The Norwalk man, who often plays “tough guys or bad guys,” enjoys the opportunity to play a protagonist in “Out of Darkness: Cleveland.”

“It’s nice to I get to make the transition to (playing one of) the good guys,” he said.

While acting in five films for a Russian director, Farkas played a rapist twice. He said he turned down a third, similar role because he wanted to avoid the real-life reputation.

“People think that’s you,” he said.

Farkas also does some acting for RAK Films. He said he is cast as “good guys” or buffoons in comedies.

When playing a character, Farkas said he asks himself how he is similar and different.

“You have to search yourself,” he added.

Farkas is working with Ghost Walk Films for “Estella’s Revenge.”

“I’m currently the stunt coordinator,” he said. “A woman is possessed by a spirit. She becomes super strong; she is tossing people around. In reality, she’s a tiny little girl.”

Also a location scout for Ghost Walk, Farkas said the challenge of coordinating stunts is “making it look real” and training actors to properly take a fall. 

“You run up against egos,” he added.

As the stunt coordinator, Farkas studies the script first, comes up with how to do specific stunts and then he talks to the director about how to do them. 

“We might try it a couple times,” he said, explaining that the stunt then gets tweaked.

Right now Farkas has a small role in “Estella’s Revenge,” which could be expanded if a sequel happens.

“I’m the head of the pitch fork-and-torch gang. Right now it’s a small role,” he said. “They filmed some of it in Medina. They filmed some of it in New Mexico. We are going to finish it in Ohio.”

Ultimately, Farkas said “his life goal is to do a western” and play “an ambiguously good bad guy or ambiguously bad good guy.”

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