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NL grad featured at Memorial Day ceremony

By ELLEN SIMMONS • Jun 2, 2019 at 5:14 PM

NEW LONDON -— Josh Hahn, 2002 New London High School graduate and former Marine, spoke at the village’s Memorial Day ceremony Monday.

Hahn said 11 members of his immediate family served or are serving in the armed forces, including his grandfather Dean Bailey — a World War II veteran who attended the ceremony.

The country’s flag means a lot to Hahn and he described some of the feelings he has when he sees it. He is happy and proud because of serving in the Marines, including being deployed to Iraq. He said he also is proud of his accomplishments and the friends he has made.

His feelings of sadness are due to the men and women who have sacrificed their lives for this country, and he asked members of the audience to pray for them and their families. He also feels anger and disappointment for the reception many soldiers received after returning from Vietnam, Hahn said.

“No one joined the military for the fame or glory and they definitely didn’t do it for the money,” Hahn said. “They did it for you and for their country. I challenge you to look at the flag and think of all it represents.”

Hahn lives in Ashland with his wife and three young daughters.

Other participants in the ceremony included bagpiper Alex Rankine, Pastor Brian Ayres, Pastor Toby Thomas, Poppy girls Sadie Glawe and Tayler Coonrod, the New London High School Band, Legion Commander David Smith and Officer of the Day John Roeder.

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