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Kindergartner donates $100 to Huron Co. Humane Society

By Norwalk Reflector staff • Feb 14, 2019 at 12:00 PM

The Huron County Humane Society received a $100 donation on the last day of the Pennies for Pets fundraising challenge.

Maplehurst Elementary students were challenged to bring in spare change to raise money for the Huron County Humane Society (HCHS). The school, which covers preschool through first-grade students, started the drive with an assembly in mid-January after the preschoolers finished a six-week study on pets.

Kindergarten student Wyatt Browne brought in $100 on the last day of the four-week challenge. He is in Jessica Enderle’s class. 

“A big shout-out and thank-you to Wyatt,” said Darla Gow, HCHS community development director. “This young man has been saving his money and brought in $100 today. He has also been bringing in spare change throughout the donation drive, so he has given $100-plus. What a wonderful caring young man.”

Other Maplehurst students have made significant donations to the Humane Society. 

First-grader Drake Reidy, who is in Jaclyn Bauer’s class, brought in $400 from chores and jobs he was doing around the house. Another first-grade student, Brennan Metzer, donated $100. Rachel Schlotterer’s pupil had requested money for donations from his friends and family instead of birthday gifts.

“Wyatt’s $100 quickly turned into $200 since Ken Ganley, of Norwalk, is a matching donor. Also a thank-you to Firelands Federal Credit Union, of Norwalk, for graciously handling the counting of the change each Friday,” Gow said.

The class which raises the most money in each grade will enjoy a closing assembly today where they will be able to play with animals from HCHS.

“During the four-week challenge, Bee Bop, a rabbit, Jerry and Jake, who are kittens, and Macy and Tipper, the big dogs, have visited the students in their classrooms,” Gow said.

“When visiting with animals, the Huron County Humane Society is continuing the program by teaching about (the) humane care of animals and reinforcing concepts of kindness and respect for all living creatures. We want to thank all the students and staff for being so kind to our visiting animals and raising funds to assist HCHS in finding loving homes for the shelter animals since the HCHS is a private non-profit organization funded by donations only.”

Preschool teacher Jeanette Roth organized Pennies for Pets.

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