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Donation will cover $10,000 for crossing guards

By Norwalk Reflector Staff • Updated Nov 10, 2017 at 9:39 AM

An anonymous donation of $10,000 has been given to be used toward funding the 2018 Norwalk Crossing Guard Program.

Since 2009, the city, through the police budget, has contributed 50 percent to the program. Because of budgetary constraints, Norwalk Mayor Rob Duncan recently informed Norwalk City Schools Superintendent George Fisk the city no longer would be able to make its contribution in 2018.

Norwalk city council members said they support funding the school crossing guard program.

Duncan told council Tuesday “it is not a question of if the program will continue, but how it will be funded.”

“The generosity of this anonymous donor is just another example of how special our Norwalk community is,” Fisk said. “I feel blessed to be part of a community that time and time again steps up to make our city an amazing place for families.”

Duncan added “again we see one of our citizens rise up with amazing generosity. The philanthropic spirit in this community is like none other I’ve seen as we recently experienced with all of the donations that are making the new fire station a reality.”

With the donation, the remaining balance to fund the entire year is $2,000. Norwalk councilman Steve Schumm is contacting local clubs and other organizations about possible donations.

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