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United Fund kicks off 2018 campaign

By JOE CENTERS • Updated Sep 15, 2017 at 12:07 PM

After hitting its $360,000 goal the last four years, the Norwalk Area United Fund is upping the ante with a $390,000 goal for 2018.

The United Fund held its 2018 campaign kickoff breakfast Thursday at the Norwalk Eagles Club.

“We have given back $1.4 million into this community the last four years,” United Fund President Samantha Wilhelm said. “We are very excited about what we have been able to do.”

Board member Ken Russ said the United Fund keeps all of its money at home and doesn’t waste anything.

“Donors have asked us be be accountable,” he said.

“We are nothing if we don’t change,” board member Pat Krause said. “That is a constant in life. Transition. You have to roll with the punches and adapt. We won’t let anybody be left behind.”

Krause said so many people now are facing temporary crises and looking for help — like the 50-year-old man with a family who just lost his job.

“People are looking for a temporary hand up. ... Not a hand out,” she said. “For those having a crisis for the first time. ... We need to be a bridge. ... Move these people out of a crisis into a stable situation.”

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