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No charges being filed in Lombardo investigation

By KARLEE STEFFANNI • Updated Aug 31, 2017 at 12:10 AM

Former Deputy Robert Lombardo, of Willard, resigned from the Huron County Sheriff’s Office as of Aug. 9 in connection with an investigation involving two inmates that left one prisoner ‘beat up.’ The investigation has been under review by Erie County Prosecuting Attorney, Kevin Baxter.

Huron County Sheriff Todd Corbin said Tuesday afternoon he received confirmation that no charges will be filed at this time.

The sheriff said he is still waiting to receive written documentation from Norwalk Law Director Stuart O’Hara regarding the decision, however he was told by Baxter that “there’d be no charges filed because they didn’t see any wrongdoing.”

“He’s no longer employed with us for other reasons, that being one of them,” Corbin said of the June altercation. “That’s just not something that we do.” 

Lombardo was hired as a corrections officer Nov. 2, 2016. Prior to obtaining employment with the sheriff’s office, he was an officer for the Plymouth Police Department as well as both the Greenwich and New Washington police departments.

Plymouth Police Chief, Charles D. Doan said Lombardo called him to resign the day after being appointed as a deputy with the sheriff’s office. He also said Lombardo resigned on good terms, offering to work his scheduled shifts that weekend. 

Chief Doan said there were “never any complaints” about Lombardo during his employment with the police department. “He was just a good employee as far as we were concerned,” he added. 

Doan said he was shocked to learn about the investigation regarding the former deputy. “He was always polite. I mean he’s a big guy, but he was always polite and courteous to people. I was just shocked.”

Lombardo was recommended by the Plymouth police department for other jobs, including an appointment as an officer with the New Washington Police Department. New Washington Chief of Police, Jeffrey A. Shook said Lombardo “came very highly recommended from Plymouth.”

“Plymouth has sent me several officers and every one of them have been upstanding and outstanding officers, so I didn’t expect anything less from Mr. Lombardo,” he added.

Shook said he never had the opportunity to work with Lombardo as he obtained employment at the sheriff’s office shortly after being hired in New Washington.

“I really don’t know him that well other than the background check I did on him,” Shook said.

Greenwich Police Chief Carl S. Dorsey said Lombardo worked there for a short time. “We never had an issue with him. He only worked here three months and he got another job,” he said. 

Dorsey said Lombardo was calm and personable at work, from what he remembers. 

“He did his job and what he was supposed to do,” said the chief, “He was a very sociable person.”

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