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From war zone to soar zone — Milan Ave. job taking shape

By JOE CENTERS • Jul 13, 2017 at 1:00 PM

It had looked like a war zone the last couple of weeks, but there has been a lot of progress on the Milan Avenue project in Norwalk.

Workers from Smith’s Paving in Norwalk finished up the curb work Tuesday next to St. Paul High School.  A crew from Underground Utilities Inc. in Monroeville was out Wednesday getting the road ready for blacktop. 

Norwalk Public Works Director Josh Snyder said so far, so good, but he pointed out weather can screw things up in a hurry.

“I think Erie Blacktop was scheduled for the end of the week, but with this rain everything has been pushed back,” Snyder said.

“You can kind of see it taking shape now. In between the garage and barber shop (just north of St. Paul) you will see the road actually curves and Marshall will T-shape into Milan Avenue. In the southbound lane there is a bus bay. Buses will be able to go in and there will be room for four or five buses on any given time and it starts back on Marshall. It will allow buses to stay there and get off Milan. It will put pedestrians right on the sidewalk.”

Snyder said organizing the corner with Marshall Street, the alley behind St. Paul and Milan Avenue was “one of the goals of the project.”

“We are organizing the Marshal Street traffic and the alley traffic behind St. Paul to where they will meet Milan Avenue with a good look going both ways. That is not the case right now.”

There will be a new crosswalk “in almost the same proximity of where it was,” Snyder said “It will be elevated about three inches above the road, not a speed bump but if you hit it at a high speed it will throw you out of your seat. It will give the kids a defined area to walk and there will be flashers like we have at the hospital.”

Snyder said getting that part of the job done before school starts was a priority.

“From there we will go from Marshal Street to St. Mary’s and then St. Mary’s to League,” he said.

“As work progresses northward, everything will get dug out. We have the same base with brick underneath it. All of that is getting dug out to League Street. The rest of it should go easier. The water line is just about done.”

When will the job be done?

“Whenever we do asphalt we would love to have it done by the end of October,” he said. “Again, when you are dealing with concrete and asphalt you have the weather to deal with. I would love to have it all done sometime in October, but it could be November. Like the last week with all of that rain, they can get credited and they can extend the completion date with no penalty per the contract.”

Snyder said there are a lot of familiar faces on the job.

“We’re pleased to have a local company on it,” he said. “A lot of the guys are local and they have a lot of pride. We estimated the job at $1.5 million and we got it for $1.2 million. You have to be happy about that.”


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