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Why don't we buy local? What happened to LifeFlight in Milan?

By Norwalk Reflector Staff • Updated May 13, 2017 at 1:03 AM

The Norwalk Reflector received this question from a reader and we sent it on to Norwalk Fire Chief John Soission:

Hey...I'd like the Reflector to do some digging and question the city officials of Norwalk...what about you ask?..well with the adding of another police officer and the tax payers’ expense and yet deterring job growth in the city. (I mean real job growth...good paying jobs and not Dunkin' Donuts-types of jobs)....with the new fire station being built and other city buildings such as the police station...My question is, what roofing shingles did they use on the police station and what will be used on the fire station? Do they buy local (CertainTeed shingles) or do they go outside of the local company and buy, let's say, Owens Corning? Can you guys find out? I'm sick of the local city adding dollars by adding a license tax and not doing enough to build job growth

Here is Soission’s response:

“We have to balance buying local with giving taxpayers the best value-for-dollar while conforming to the Ohio Revised Code. On any project over $50,000 the City is required to go through a competitive bidding process and award the contract to the lowest and best bid. For the new fire station, I hope the City is able to do business with local contractors and vendors who are invested in the community and will work with pride knowing that they are doing their part to improve the way the city of Norwalk does business. Throughout this project, there have been several businesses which have stepped up and donated professional services which has brought us closer to the bottom line.”

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The Norwalk Reflector received this question from a reader and we sent it on to Don Ballah, who has served the executive vice president of North Central EMS for the past 31 years.

When are we getting a Lifelfight helicopter back. I have heard NCEMS is starting their own service despite their parent company's denial... Is this true? Why did Lifeflight leave MILAN? What happened to 20 minutes is too long to wait. CONCERNED!!

Here is Ballah’s response:

We have full support 100 percent of our leaders to replace the air ambulance that left Milan. We will continue to look at ways to replace this air service. And, yes, 20 minutes is too long.

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