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Annual steak feed helps United Fund near its goal for 4th straight year

By JOE CENTERS • Feb 24, 2017 at 5:56 PM

There was a lot of food and fun Thursday night at Norwalk Area United Fund’s annual steak feed and auction at the Bronson-Norwalk Conservation Club.

“It was a wonderful night,” executive director Linda Bersche said. “The auction brings in about $5,000 or $6,000, give or take. Behind Tool Time, this is a good fundraiser for us.”

Tool Time is April 29 in the Pickworth Building at the Huron County Fairgrounds.

“It is a little later this year because it is in the barn and not heated,” Bersche said. “Ken Russ is setting up a lot of cool things. Last year we were able to transfer about $27,000 into our campaign.

“That’s like eight percent of our campaign. Our Dine Out fundraisers bring in about $5,000. Our special events bring in about 10 percent of our campaingn.”

This year’s goal is again $360,000. 

“We’re at $284,000, which is about 79 percent,” Bersche said. “We reached our goal the last three years and we are on track to make it four in a row.

“That’s is a million 8 dollars ($1,080,000) that we have raised in this community and put back into programs in this community all by ourselves. No state money or no federal money.

“We are funding 37 programs. We are on track to make our goal again so in four year that will be a million four ($1,440,000). That’s a big number.

“It takes a little bit of everybodey to make sure we can reach that goal. We would not be funding the programs we fund if they weren’t doing great work here.”

Bersche pointed out the money distributed is not a hand-out.

“They (the program leaders) have some serious questions they have to answer,” Bersche said. “Not just how many people are you funding, but what are the results?

“This is the Move Forward and Move Ahead initiative. Sustaining poverty isn’t the goal.

“Help those people who can get ahead get ahead in a positive way. Help people figure it out, like we teach our children to figure it out. That’s when we have done our job,” Bersche said.

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