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No border, no country

• Feb 20, 2019 at 5:00 PM

NOTE: The following letter to the editor was submitted by G.L. Cole of Norwalk:

President Donald Trump has asked Congress to provide sufficient funds to erect a barrier in select areas of our southern border.

The Democrats make this appear as an immoral and highly expensive request. The president only has asked for $5.7 billion, which is about .1 percent of the total budget. This is a curious attitude since Democratic notables have voted and advocated for barrier money as high as $25 billion in the past.

To highlight the need for this barrier, along with other security measures, there are 5 caravans that already have overwhelmed our border or are on there way so far. More caravans are planned. These caravans each have thousands of people in them. We dont know who these people are or their intentions.

Migrants take great risks trying to get to the USA, thinking they will get in easily. This is because of our weak immigration policy. The immigrants open themselves to the dangers of trafficking of both women and children. Erecting barriers would dissuade many from taking such a hazardous trip.

An open border would make our economy unsustainable. It is irresponsible. This would make us a third-world country. Experienced border officials have testified that the barrier in select areas is the first step in securing our border.

Why then do the Dems have such anxiety about a barrier? One could conclude that they seek the destruction of our system of government and way of life. If you listen carefully to their speeches and writing, you will see. They work toward control, power and socialism.

If we have no border, we have no country.

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